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Partner with Western Global 

Western Global is proud to partner with various businesses and work across various industries, providing fuel storage solutions and water bowsers.

Rental Suppliers 

We work with many of the UK’s leading rental companies from Sunbelt, to Speedy, to GAP Group, enabling them to provide outstanding fuel tanks and water bowsers to their customers in a profitable way. Western Global fuel storage tanks are an easy upsell – secure, environmentally compliant, bunded diesel tanks and HVO fuel storage tanks that deliver better value to your customer base.

Diesel Tanks for Fuel Distributors 

We help fuel distributors secure additional revenue and become a partner rather than a supplier to their customers.  We do this by providing world-leading fuel storage that prioritises security and simplicity. Distributors can sell and rent our tanks with complete confidence, generating loyalty and extra revenue from their customers.

On site fuel tanks for Construction 

When it comes to on site fuel storage, our construction fuel tanks meet the demands of even the most demanding sites. We provide bulk fuel storage solutions that extend generator run times and help ensure that your site is productive for longer.

If you want to find out more about partnering with Western Global, contact us today. To find out more about who we work with and the value we add, check out our customer stories.



Eliminate downtime and reliance on 3rd party suppliers by taking control of your own environmentally secure fuel storage on-site. We’re ready to keep equipment and crews running on schedule with safety and flexibility.



Keep generators running at peak load for longer and safeguard a standby fuel source for critical applications. For over 50-years, our tanks have been providing consistent, clean energy to on and off-grid power generation projects.

Rental & Power Generation


Fuel distributors rely on our solutions to deliver better value to their customers in construction, retail and agriculture. We’re ready with bulk storage and proven portable infrastructure that’s safe, simple and easy to configure.

Fuel Distribution


We support agribusiness with towable fuel storage, saving time and preventing spills. Be ready with bulk and transportable tanks that keep pace with the demands of big equipment, keeping uptime, up – and farmers in the field.


Our standard and re-engineered tanks dispense hazardous materials offshore with the utmost precision, safety and efficiency. Our rugged and fully compliant solutions are trusted to deliver reliability against the elements.

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Regular demand, rugged design and rental-friendly features make our storage tanks vital assets in equipment rental fleets. They deliver unbeatable utilisation rates and a high return on investment in a competitive business.

Rental & Power Generation


Taking machinery off-circuit to refuel creates unnecessary downtime in the mining process. Relocatable container tanks, filtration and fuel monitoring enable unmanned in-pit refueling, keeping heavy equipment on the move.


Home base refuelling systems deliver bulk buying discounts for transport firms – from hundreds of vehicles to a 5-truck fleet. Integrated fuel management controls consumption and expenses, keeping their business moving forward.

Oil & Gas

Having on-site fuel storage at drilling pads, frac sites and production facilities delivers efficiency and sustainability. Our field-tested tanks run safely alongside oilfield applications in remote and environmentally sensitive sites.

Customer Stories

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Customer Stories

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