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Bunded fuel tanks

Manufacturers of the highest quality bunded fuel tanks, built for protection and convenience

Bunded fuel tanks provide numerous advantages over conventional single skin fuel tanks, especially in demanding environments and situations. If you need security, convenience, and protection, look no further than Western Global.

Our bunded fuel tanks

All of our fuel tanks are bunded. From 250 to 60,970 litres, we have the tank to meet your precise requirements. Speak to us today to find the ideal tank for your site, balancing capacity with transportability.

Heavy duty, bunded protection

Our steel-bunded fuel bowsers and tanks are robust and provide extreme protection. They are rental-ready and ideal for demanding industries like construction. In an experiment, we hoisted a popular 10TCG model, weighing in at 1,451kg, 80ft in the air and released it to gravity. In the drop, we demonstrated just what our tanks could withstand, with the inner tank maintaining pressure.

This level of reliability means that your fuel is always safely locked away and ready for anything. You don’t need to worry about leaks and spills or anyone trying to syphon your fuel for their own use.

Parts and accessories

We build fuel systems around you, which is why we offer a variety of accessories to accompany your tank. From GPS tracking and alerts for anomalies in data to monitoring usage while onsite, we’ll help you design a bespoke fuel management system that takes the headache out of refuelling. Speak to us about your project here

Storing AdBlue

We also supply bunded AdBlue tanks, providing complete containment for your diesel exhaust fluid. The way your AdBlue is stored can seriously affect its quality, so we’ve taken every precaution with our tanks to ensure contaminants can’t find their way in. You can read more about storing AdBlue in our guide

Our DEFCube Global range features two tanks of different sizes, each with a variety of accessory packages. This makes it easier for you to find the right AdBlue tank for your project. See our 22DEF or 05DEF tanks

Why bunded?

A bunded tank offers the highest level of protection for your fuel. Your fuel is safe, not exposed to the elements or at risk of leaking out after hitting a bump on the road. We’ve also ensured that you comply with health, safety and environmental standards when using our tanks.  

There’s a lot to talk about with secondary containment. Learn more about the benefits of bunded fuel tanks in our guide.

Fuel solutions from Western Global

Fuel is power; without it, you can’t complete projects efficiently or on time. All of our tanks are bunded, ensuring that you can store enough fuel onsite without worrying about leaks, contaminants and thieves. Our bunded portable fuel tanks, like our TransCube Global and Abbi bowser, are robust and reliable for the road. 

Browse our product range above or see more fuel tanks here. Alternatively, talk to us about your requirements and request a quote today.

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