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Fuel Tanks for Heaters & Generators - Be Winter-Ready

Keep the heat on and the generators running.

Be prepared for the colder winter months with Western Global’s fuel tanks for heaters and generators. Keep projects running and increase productivity whilst maintaining fuel security and health & safety onsite.

Benefits of  our winter-ready fuel tanks:

  • Connect your heater and generators to a Western Global tank, and you can extend run times from 24 hours to 7 days, fuelling up to three pieces of equipment simultaneously.
  • Offer 24 hour a day connectivity – no downtime and no shutdown with an uninterrupted power supply.
  • Built-in safety and security features to prevent theft as daylight hours reduce.
  • Save time and money buying fuel in bulk and saying goodbye to jerry cans
  • Low maintenance and easy to use.
  • Bunded to prevent costly spillages and theft.
  • TransCube Global tanks are fully transportable full of fuel.

Heater Fuel Tanks - Keep heaters fuelled all winter

Western Global’s heater fuel storage tanks are ideally suited for the colder winter months, ensuring you maintain the temperatures you need to keep your projects on track and maximise efficiency. All Western Global fuel tanks are compatible with diesel heaters, as well as a wide range of generators.

Our winter-ready heater fuel tanks are:

  1. Easy to maintain during cold weather. Hassle free maintenance, allowing you to save worksite costs, increase productivity and reduce workforce charges.
  2. Operational 24-hours a day and ready to go.
  3. Strong steel structure, 100% weatherproof and can withstand extreme conditions.
  4. Safer and more productive than jerry cans, and easily transportable onsite across rough terrain
  5. Less workforce required, especially during sub zero temperatures in the middle of the night.
  6. Bulk fuel storage – as fuel prices continue to rise, purchase in bulk at better rates and save on costs.

You can purchase a TransCube Global now or contact us to find out about Western Global winter fuel tanks for your rental company.

Extended run time for heaters and generators in winter

Our bunded heater tanks allow you to safely and securely store bulk fuel throughout the winter. Using our tanks removes the need for small and frequent fuel deliveries, reducing your reliance on suppliers and mitigating the risk of costly shutdowns. From powering heaters to onsite generators and lighting towers, you have a secure source of energy in some of the most demanding weather conditions.  Western Global’s winter-ready fuel tanks allow you to store more fuel onsite and extend run times from 24 hours to 7 days. 

Extreme weather conditions can also lead to serious fuel delivery delays. These in turn can have a major impact on productivity and even result in down-time. This isn’t an issue with our winter-ready fuel tanks, as they will keep your project running with uninterrupted and environmentally secure fuel.

Fuel management for heater tanks

Our fuel tanks can be equipped with fuel management technology to help you control and track fuel usage on your site. This helps you avoid running out of fuel, as well as reducing the risks associated with blockages from any frozen matter in your tank. If you run your tank to nearly empty, it may allow any water, sludge, and sediment at the bottom to freeze, and cause blockages and heater performance issues. This issue can also be avoided with the quick and hassle-free maintenance that our fuel tanks allow. With lockable cabinets, a unique dispensing system and inspection support, Western Global can get you winter ready in no time. Browse our fuel storage tanks or get in touch to find out more.

Read our guide on maintenance of winter fuel tanks.

Fuel tanks for heaters and generators

From ensuring concrete cures at the right rate to keeping your construction site going throughout the winter, pair your heater equipment to a Western Global tank. Our tanks can power large industrial heaters or keep your generators running around the clock. The TransCube Global can power three generators / heaters simultaneously.


Western Global heater fuel tanks are rental ready and make an ideal upsell to your engine-powered rental equipment. They offer contractors something different, guaranteed to extend run time, improve fuel security and reduce the number of fuel deliveries. Offering numerous benefits to construction and other organisations, they provide high utilisation and proven ROI.  Contact us today or find out more about purchasing Western Global for your rental company.

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