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Storing AdBlue onsite requires complete containment that can withstand tough conditions, maintain its usable temperature and allow you to refill equipment with ease. Our advanced DEF storage containers meet all of these demands and more. Western Global’s DEFCube Global range gives you full control over your AdBlue supply and complete peace of mind.

Western Global: DEF tank manufacturers

Our products are designed with a customer-first approach. By listening to feedback from end users, we have manufactured next-generation AdBlue storage tanks that tackle pain points and meet all requirements. Based on Western Global’s renowned TransCube, the DEFCube Global range comes with all the features you would expect, ensuring you get a rugged, durable and secure tank solution.

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DEFCube Global range for AdBlue

Our DEF storage tanks come in two sizes and are compatible with various equipment, easy to install and can be forklifted full of AdBlue straight onto site. Each tank is suitable for a wide variety of projects and comes with a range of accessories to ensure your tank supports your business needs.

500 litres


Portable tank



Our 500L DEFCube Global (05DEF), can be forklifted directly on to site and put in to action immediately, providing a fast and efficient AdBlue solution in no time. It is rugged and reliable, designed to operate in tough conditions, keeping your AdBlue free from contamination.

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The 2200L DEFCube Global (22DEF) is a complete AdBlue storage solution. It is designed to deliver the optimum levels of AdBlue to align with fuel delivery options and allows you to connect and refuel multiple pieces of equipment at once. You can monitor your usage and keep bulk volumes on site in the best condition. This tank houses pumps and accessories safely and can be stacked with a 3000L fuel tank.

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DEF vs AdBlue - what’s the difference?

DEF stands for Diesel Exhaust Fluid – which is also known as AdBlue. While these terms mean the same thing, there’s been some confusion over the years as to what means what. AdBlue started as a brand name but has since become the go-to term for the fluid. So just know that, when we talk about DEF, we’re talking about AdBlue.

Storing DEF regulations

While AdBlue isn’t toxic and is less regulated than other fluids, there are still some guidelines in place around its handling and transportation. Both of our DEFCube Global tanks comply with ISO 22241 – the standard for storing diesel exhaust fluid.

As part of this standard, our tanks undergo testing and are designed with these guidelines in mind. They include keeping AdBlue in a closed container that’s manufactured from a steel outer and plastic inner that can be easily cleaned and inspected. This means you can have complete confidence in our tanks, and know that you can store it in bulk in a safe and secure way.

Storing Adblue
Construction worker using Western Global AdBlue tank.

Sustainable storage solutions

AdBlue is a non-toxic fluid designed to reduce the amount of emissions pumped into the atmosphere when using diesel-powered equipment. At Western Global, sustainability underpins all our operations, which is why we’re proud to offer fully contained DEF storage tanks. Our bunded tanks have an outer, secondary tank that keeps your AdBlue safely locked away, reducing leaks and keeping it pure so you can stay up and running in an environmentally friendly way.


Choosing your DEFCube Global tank

We offer two tanks for diesel exhaust fluid. Both have similar market-leading features but their applications vary:

  • 05DEF – a robust and ready 500L tank that feeds fuel into generators, and can be used for smaller sites or alongside our other tank.
  • 22DEF – ideal for bulk AdBlue storage – up to 2200L – you can connect this tank to multiple generators and equipment at one time. Less time spent refuelling and more time on valuable tasks.

Pumps and accessories

Depending on the product you choose, we have a range of accessories to accompany your tank. Find out more about available packages:


A hand pump and trigger nozzle for either the 22DEF or 05DEF. Best suited to sites with limited power supply.


A 12V and 240V AdBlue pump solution that can be used to refill your equipment. These packages come with 4m hose and automatic trigger nozzles. You also have the option of adding a flow meter.


For feeding into multiple generators – a 4m feed hose kit for both the 05DEF and 22DEF.

DEF containers for AdBlue

We’re known for designing unique fuel tanks that are versatile, durable and sustainable. Our DEF range is no different, offering powerful solutions based on feedback and questions from our customers. Our tanks are a trusted solution that keeps your AdBlue secure and well-maintained while stored onsite, and are tough enough to withstand anything from bumps on the road to logistically-challenging sites. Speak to our team about your requirements, or learn more about the 05DEF and 22DEF tanks.

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