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Construction Fuel Tanks

Meeting the needs of the construction industry for over 60 years

Western Global are proud to provide a range of world-renowned construction site fuel tanks. We’ve been meeting the evolving needs of construction companies for over six decades, making it our mission to provide safe, environmentally-secure fuel storage on construction sites.

Our construction fuel tanks are trusted to…  

  • Make transportation on site easy
  • Prevent fuel theft
  • Improve efficiency and prevent down time
  • Simplify fuel management 
  • Avoid ground contamination 
  • Store HVO fuel
  • Store AdBlue
  • Match your needs in terms of capacity 
  • Reduce on site traffic 
  • Improve EPA compliance 


Our construction fuel tanks are available from stock with low lead times.

On site fuel tanks

On site fuel storage has always been our speciality because we understand your projects cannot operate without them. All on site equipment needs fuel, and waiting for fuel deliveries to wet hose equipment can impact the time construction equipment is out of use and increases the downtime of on site labour. 

Western Global’s on site fuel tanks are available from 250 litres to ISO containers of 60,970 litres- the larger-capacity fuel tanks significantly reduce the amount of fuel deliveries. We offer both stationary, transportable and towable on site refuelling solutions. All complete packages include pumps and accessories

Speak to us today to find the ideal tank for your work site, balancing capacity with transportability.  

In an industry under pressure from supply chain shortages, make sure that fuel is not one of your headaches. Cubed fuel tanks bring with them a reduced footprint and provide peace of mind by offering secure on site fuel storage 24/7.

On Site Fuel Tank Regulations

Western Global’s fuel tanks for construction provide storage and refuelling solutions that align with on site fuel tank regulations. Our products meet more approvals than other providers on the market, in the UK and across the globe. 

By choosing our fuel tanks for your construction site, you can prevent shutdowns and reduce costs while remaining compliant. 

Read more about our Approvals and Standards.

HVO Fuel Storage on Construction Sites

If your construction site is switching to HVO, then Western Global fuel tanks already have the ability to store clean fuel, from biodiesel to HVO. Reducing on site emissions by 85%, HVO is the responsible choice. 

With lockable equipment cabinets and lifespans of over 10 years, our HVO fuel tanks are the #1 way to store your clean fuel securely. 

Read more about our sustainable fuel storage solutions.

Bunded Fuel Tanks for Construction

Understandably, ground contamination is a major concern for many construction companies utilising on site fuel tanks. Our Western Global tanks are 110% bunded, giving you peace of mind that there will be no leakage or spills. Each fuel storage solution we provide also protects against on site ground contamination, helping you deliver on your environmental commitment.

By engineering bunded fuel units housing pump fittings and connections within an exterior wall, our on site cube tanks save the cost of cleaning pans while their secondary containment prevents contamination or rainwater accumulation.


When storing fuel on site, using a cubed fuel tank can help reduce the amount of fuel deliveries needed on your jobsite, having less vehicles and traffic positively impacts the safety of your team.


With fuel costs continuing to rise, we know you need a secure construction fuel tank to look after this important asset. Western Global cubed fuel tanks have the ability to store pumps and accessories completely within the lockable cabinet. This secure benefit reduces the impact of theft on your fuel.


Multiple in and out ports allow our tanks to serve as an auxiliary fuel supply while still being able to fuel trucks and other equipment. This can drastically extend runtimes for generators and light towers, as well as reduce the risk of running them dry.

Transportable fuel trailer for Construction Sites

At Western Global, we understand the importance of being able to transport fuel safely on site. Our construction fuel tanks allow you to strike that balance between fuel demand and mobility. Without tying up capital in a full-size fuel truck, our mobile fuel tanks deliver the flexibility you need. ​A transportable fuel bowser is 90% cheaper to buy than a truck and can be towed by almost anything on site.

Western Global’s trailer-mounted fuel tanks are ideal for moving fuel across large construction sites as required, even more remote locations. The ABBI gives you the agility needed in demanding situations, providing fast short-term security for all of your refuelling needs. 

Western Global’s transportable construction fuel tanks like our ABBI incorporate forklift pockets for ease of transportation, as well as corner brackets for offloading.

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