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The 500L DEFCube Global (05DEF) is a robust and reliable solution for smaller projects or sites with limited space. Our DEF tank and pumps keep your AdBlue safely guarded behind a secondary inner tank, meaning you can fuel equipment at speed while reducing emissions and complying with regulations.


At Western Global, we’ve taken a different approach to AdBlue storage, listening to customer feedback and coming up with the ideal solution for all your refuelling needs. And so, we’ve designed and manufactured The 500L DEFCube Global. 

This is a DEF tank that stores AdBlue onsite for a long period of time, no matter your project or working conditions. 

It comes with a poly inner and a steel outer tank which helps maintain the temperature of your AdBlue, making it easier to store onsite in both hot and cold conditions. It can withstand a lot of damage and can be easily transported on the road, all before being dropped onto site, ready for action. 

A portable solution for all circumstances

The 05DEF tank is designed with flexibility in mind. It can be lifted directly onto site, with any chosen accessories readily installed, so you can get straight to work. No more waiting on fuel deliveries or spending time setting up. You can transport the tank with a pallet jack and forklift, making moving  around even the most logistically challenging sites easier. Its stackable design also saves space and helps keep your site clear and hazard-free. 


The 05DEF, like our 22DEF, was made for our customers. Whether you’re working on a smaller project or need a little more than 22,000L of diesel exhaust fluid, we’ve got you covered.

Dimensions: 1,132 x 1,132 x 1,145 mm

Weight: 328 - 828 kg

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The dual-walled design provides superior protection against spills and damage compared to traditional poly DEF tanks. Our tanks come with a steel outer tank for secondary containment and a durable poly inner for that extra layer of security – and for better peace of mind. 

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The DEFCube Global Range

Our DEFCube Global range provides a complete refuelling solution. For larger projects, the 2200L DEFCube Global can be used as a fuel storage solution to refuel multiple generators at once, meeting minimum project specs and keeping you up and running. The 05DEF tank is best suited for smaller sites, or even used alongside the 22DEF. Equally, both products can also be used individually or together, offering flexibility and meeting your AdBlue storage needs. 


Every project is different and has its own requirements, but that shouldn’t stop you from easily finding the right refuelling system. We offer a range of accessory packages to accompany your DEF container, making sure you’re well-equipped for the job.


Sites with limited power supply will benefit from our hand pump and trigger nozzle, allowing for manual refuelling.


A 12V and 240V AdBlue pump solution that can be used to refill your equipment. These packages come with a 4m hose and automatic trigger nozzles. You also have the option of adding a flow metre.


Refuel multiple generators or pieces of equipment all at once with our hose assembly kit. This accessory package increases efficiency and reduces downtime for your project.

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