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Double Walled Fuel Tanks

Manufacturers of the highest quality double wall fuel storage tanks, built for protection and convenience

Western Global are proud to manufacture world-renowned double walled fuel tanks. We’ve been meeting the evolving needs of various industries for over six decades, making it our mission to provide safe, secure and environmentally secure double walled fuel storage.

Double wall construction provides numerous advantages over conventional single skin fuel tanks, especially in demanding environments and situations. If you need security, convenience, and protection then look no further than Western Global’s double walled tanks.

Double wall construction explained

We engineer double walled units where the secondary containment is 100% of the inner tank, is built into the tank. With built-in, weather proof containment, we eliminate the need for pans, berms and basins. This dramatically simplifies the cleaning and inspection process, and saves on the cost of cleaning pans to prevent contamination or rainwater accumulation. All pumps and accessories are housed within the contained cabinet, out of the environment and do not need to be assembled on site. Your fuel is also secured behind two steel walls preventing theft and the risk of fuel getting into the environment, which can cost thousands of dollars to clean up.

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Double-walled tanks versus single skin / cylindrical (static or trailer)

Double walled tanks offer many benefits over cylindrical and single skin tanks. With single skin tanks you have the additional expense of secondary containment that is needed to catch any spills or drips which can incur labor charges, as well as costing $150 for each pan to be cleaned out. Single skinned tanks also do not have forklift pockets or maneuverability around site or for offloading. These are just some of the reasons that single skinned tanks are slowly being replaced by double walled tanks. 

Cylindrical tanks are typically singled skinned, and even if they are not, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will inspect them regardless. Cube double walled tanks are automatically EPA compliant. With cylindrical tanks, pumps and accessories are housed outside of the tank which makes them prone to theft. The cost of replacing the pump and accessories can be up to $1,000. They are also impacted by the out in the cold and rain which can shorten their lifespan.

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Benefits of doubled walled fuel storage tanks

There are numerous benefits of double wall fuel tanks, ranging from environmental to everyday maintenance. Let’s explore these advantages in more detail:

and Inspection

Double-walled containment simplifies the cleaning and inspection process. The removable inner tank makes cleaning and purging a fuel tank very easy. The inspection hatch on Western Global double walled tanks is a feature which helps you maintain and inspect the tank without having to fully take it apart.

When it comes to convenience, our integrally double-walled tanks require minimal site preparation, keeping things simple. This extends the service life of the fuel tanks, which is predicted at over 10-years of reliable operation and income.

Environmental Compliance

Understandably ground contamination is a major concern for many companies utilizing onsite fuel tanks. Our double walled fuel storage tanks give you peace of mind that there will be no leakage and contamination. Western Global tanks protect against onsite ground contamination, helping you deliver on your environmental commitment. 

Find out more about how our diesel tanks help secure your business against spills and protect you from fines.  

All Western Global double-walled tanks meet the highest international standards including relevant compliance approvals in the United States and Canada.


If your site is switching to renewable diesel then Western Global double walled fuel tanks already have the ability to store this alternative fuel. Reducing onsite emissions by 85%, renewable diesel is a responsible choice. Protect the environment further with a double walled renewable diesel tank from Western Global. 

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Heavy-duty, double‑walled protection

Double walled diesel storage tanks are robust, with the double-walled construction providing protection against extreme weather. This makes them ideal for demanding industries like construction and defense. In an experiment, we hoisted a popular 10TCG model weighing in at over 3,000lbs 80ft in the air and released it to gravity. In the drop, we demonstrated just what our double walled tanks could withstand, with the inner tank maintaining pressure and no spills.

We also supply bunded AdBlue storage tanks, providing complete containment for your diesel exhaust fluid. Read more about our 22DEF or 05DEF tanks.

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Double walled diesel tanks from Western Global

All of our tanks are double wall engineered. From 250 gallon double walled tanks to 19,000 gallon double wall tanks, we have a tank to meet your precise requirements….

Speak to us today to find the ideal tank for your jobsite, balancing capacity with transportability.


When storing fuel onsite, using a double wall fuel storage tank can help reduce onsite traffic, improving your health and safety.


With fuel costs continuing to rise, we know you need a secure construction fuel tank to look after this important asset. Western Global double walled fuel tanks have the ability to store pumps completely within the lockable cabinet. This secure benefit reduces fuel and pump theft.

Environmentally Secure

Remove the concerns and costs of EPA inspections, fuel spills and containment pan cleans, with a double walled steel fuel tank.

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