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6 Benefits of Bunded Fuel Storage Tanks

When you think of bulk fuel storage, a traditional round tank probably comes to mind. Though commonly found on job sites, the round tanks have drawbacks. Not all of them are bunded, meaning many require secondary containment pans that come with an ownership and cleaning cost. These costs can add up quickly in areas where pans must be cleaned regularly or after rain.

At Western Global, we recognise this is a pain point, so we manufacture our cube-shaped fuel tanks with 110% bunded weatherproof containment. Secondary containment provides various benefits, which we explore in this article below.


What is a bunded fuel tank?

A bunded fuel storage tank has two layers – an inner tank where the fuel is stored and a containment tank that prevents spills or leaks. Single-skin tanks are made with just one layer, where the fuel is stored. Bunded tanks are usually larger and heavier than their single skin counterparts because they have a secondary layer surrounding the tank where fuel is contained. 

Do bunded fuel tanks need secondary containment?

Secondary containment, typically a tray, is designed to catch fuel in the event of a leak or spill from a tank, preventing it from entering the ground and causing environmental pollution or contamination. The second skin of a bunded tank acts as the secondary containment, so this is built into the tank without having to provide any further protection. This makes them very convenient to use wherever needed, as they can be put down anywhere without any secondary equipment. It also reduces expense for you, as secondary containment is an extra cost to maintain and clean.

TransCube fuel tanks being delivered on a truck.

Benefits of bunded portable fuel tanks

Bunded fuel tanks offer many benefits, helping you to save money, increase efficiency and avoid spills, contaminations or environmental issues. We explore these in more detail below.

1. Preventing contamination 

Most worksites have strict regulations and requirements. This prevents t ground contamination and accidental leaks and ensures any spills are contained. Make sure you’re fully compliant with a Western Global tank. All our tanks are bunded and conform to UL142,  a safety standard for aboveground tanks. This ensures they are manufactured to a very high standard, with a focus on minimising the risks of storing fuel so you can relax in the knowledge that your fuel is fully secure.

Thanks to their clever design, our bunded fuel dispensing tanks further eliminate fuel contamination. Unlike a cylindrical tank, the pumps on our tanks are stored in a lockable cabinet, so any leaks or spills through the pump, are contained in the outer tank. If a cylindrical tank has the pump mounted on top, it will still need a spill pan or basin, even if it’s bunded. 

The secure, bunded structure and lockable cabinet of our tanks also protect your fuel from becoming contaminated by rainwater. If rainwater can access your fuel, it’s far more likely to be affected by contaminants like diesel bug, as well as degrading the fuel and potentially causing damage to machines and equipment. 

The rugged construction of Western Global tanks means you rest easy, knowing your fuel is safe from contamination.


2. Protecting the fuel tank

Bunded containment protects your tank and, in turn, your fuel. Our tanks feature an enclosed, weatherproof cabinet to secure the inner tank and the supporting components inside the outer wall of the tank. This is especially crucial during ongoing weather events with unpredictable conditions where spill pans and containment basins can fill up with stormwater – potentially flooding and depositing any spilt fuel on the ground and leading to more serious issues. Standard, lockable equipment cabinets extend the life of pumps, metres and other equipment and reduce the risk of damage or contamination if exposed to severe weather conditions  (e.g. wind, rain, sun and cold temperatures).  

One of the significant advantages of our lockable cabinets is deterring fuel and equipment theft. Fuel theft is rife, and theft of fuel from construction sites is reported to be rising. Ensuring you have the right security around your site and an accurate picture of your fuel stock is important to prevent theft. Fortunately,  our tanks have been tried and tested to ensure they foil potential thieves. We’ve even got the CCTV videos to prove it

3. Saving you money

We engineer our fuel tanks to protect against the elements and offer the convenience of not needing an additional containment pan – avoiding the added cost and the trouble of periodically replacing it. Aside from the upfront cost, containment pans must be cleaned after filling with rainwater and debris, which can get expensive. Let’s say, for example, you’re working on a month-long project outdoors, and it rains six times during that month. With an average cost of £120 to clean the secondary containment pan, cleaning costs could amount to £700 or more throughout the project.

Western Global tanks come with bunded containment and no need for spill pans, allowing you to save a significant amount of money over the tank’s life cycle. This provides peace of mind in any situation, especially when you may already be dealing with widespread environmental impact.

4. Increased transportability

Some job sites move as the work is completed and need the fuel tank to move along with it. Setting up a system to include separate secondary containment every time you change sites can negatively impact your productivity and ability to get up and running. Our bunded fuel tanks allow for hassle-free movement. They’ll be ready to go, as soon as they arrive on the jobsite.

Our transportable tanks also offer four-way forklift pockets so operators can quickly and easily move them around the job site as needed. For even more transportability, our bunded fuel trailer, the Abbi Fuel Bowser, provides these same benefits with even more mobility. Simply, move your fuel bowser to wherever you need power.  

5. Easier cleaning and inspection

Bunded fuel tanks are much easier to clean and inspect. Most Western Global products feature a removable inner tank. This is where the fuel is held, so the ability to remove this makes cleaning and purging straightforward. Many tanks also have an inspection hatch, to monitor your fuel and complete your checks and inspections without taking it apart. These features make it simple to keep your tank and fuel in great condition, so you won’t be slowed down by any problems on-site.

6. HVO ready

Are you using or switching to HVO (Hydro-treated Vegetable Oil)? Western Global tanks are HVO-ready and proven to help customers reduce carbon emissions by up to 85%. Learn more about our sustainable bunded tanks here.

Reap the rewards

We listen to our customers and build every tank to increase job site efficiency, preserve your fuel supply and save you money. Our tanks are 110% bunded, which provides an additional layer of protection for your fuel. Additionally, our tanks include a removable inner tank for simple cleaning and inspections. Contact us today to learn more about bunded containment and the other benefits our tanks provide.

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