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The Importance of a Fuel Management System in Construction

What is a fuel management system?

A fuel management system is the ideal solution for reducing site shutdowns and delays caused by deliveries, shortages/ service visits, and unauthorised access and costs.

At Western Global, we understand the importance of fuel management and the difference it can make to your worksite. So, if you’re tired of waiting for fuel deliveries and watching money go down the drain, then fuel tank management systems will dramatically improve your site’s efficiency.

A fuel management system is the process of monitoring and managing your fuel consumption using the latest technology. You gain better control and visibility over your fuel, knowing who’s pumping fuel, how much is being burned and where. You can easily monitor stock and ensure none is going to waste.

Companies use fuel management systems to reduce fuel consumption and costs while having better visibility and more intelligence over their usage. If you use fuel storage tanks, you need a robust fuel management system.

Why is fuel management important in construction?

Each fuel management system is different and will come with its own advantages. It’s all about choosing the right onsite fuel management system software for the job. Your fuel management procedure will also come down to the system type you have. How you manage fuel will depend on your consumption, client and job size, so it’s important to consider these factors when selecting your system. 

As there are many different types of fuel systems, we’ll focus on Western Global and how our fuel management systems work. We offer online fuel management systems that connect with our selection of fuel storage tanks, tracking and controlling consumption across your construction site. 

We have a range of technology available, including:  

  • Remote, real-time reporting systems*, as part of our enhanced dispensers
  • *fuel that is being dispensed gets updated in real-time.
  • Gauges for simple readings
  • Personal passcodes or fobs for subcontractors’ access, so only authorised teams can dispense fuel

Western Global works with partners to ensure your fuel management system delivers maximum benefits. For example, our lockable steel range of fuel storage tanks allows you to store data tracking technology safely within the tank cabinet. We’ll also test your fuel management system and ensure you’re set up and ready to go. 

Fuel is one of the biggest headaches for site managers. Any downtime on site is hugely problematic. However, by installing an efficient, high-tech fuel management system, you can reduce costs, help protect your fuel and have significantly more control, so you can easily keep your site productive. 

Find out more about our fuel tanks for the construction industry.

Benefits of a fuel management system

Here is a more detailed look at the benefits of fuel management systems:

Saving money- Fuel is one of the most significant expenses for the construction industry and one where savings are hard to achieve. You could even be losing more than you realise – one of our customers was paying £3 million of fuel a year without a system; using a FMS system created an 18% saving once the customer started tracking fuel usage. A fuel management system can unlock those savings for you, as you waste less fuel and spend less time refuelling or shutting down your site. 

Any fuel management plan needs to track your usage, whether onsite or transported elsewhere. Monitoring consumption allows you to recognise patterns and better forecast and budget for future projects. You’ll also quickly identify any anomalies in your data, which can point to leaks, spills or even theft. -This is especially useful following the removal of red diesel – with alternative fuel often more expensive, you need to ensure the extra money you’re now spending isn’t going to waste. 

This is one of many ways your fuel tank management system will help you save money. A fuel management system can tell you exactly how much stock you have, with notifications to alert you when you’re running low. You’ll also be able to purchase fuel when costs are lower and avoid rushed refuel trips. With Western Global fuel storage tanks, you can take advantage of lower fuel costs. 

Avoiding shutdowns and downtime

Onsite productivity requires uninterrupted fuel supplies. With a fuel management system for generators, you continuously monitor consumption and prevent potential shortages onsite, ensuring your equipment is constantly refuelled and ready.

Downtime can cost time and money, something too familiar in the construction industry. However, a fuel management system can help. 

Whether you’re using more fuel than predicted or you’ve become a victim of theft, you’ll be able to identify these issues quickly and easily with your fuel management system, as any anomalies in your data will indicate a serious issue. Many fuel management companies offer remote-controlled systems so you can monitor fuel when you’re off-site. 

Another advantage is that many systems come with alerts, which notify you when your fuel stock reaches a certain level. -This is set to 30% for many Western Global customers, so they have plenty of time to arrange deliveries. In fact, with our fuel storage tanksyou can keep large amounts of fuel onsite, decreasing the amount of onsite traffic while becoming less dependent on deliveries – all of which can interrupt your project. This also helps reduce site emissions, helping with greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting and other environmental compliance. 

Your chosen tank will also be dropped at your site and packaged with a fuel management system. So no need to worry about downtime associated with setting up. 

Preparing for the worst

No site manager wants to experience that situation where you are shutting down for the weekend and realise there isn’t enough fuel for Monday. So you quickly call around to see if you can get a delivery ahead of time.

That’s one of many situations you can find yourself in when working on a project. Working in construction can often mean dealing with harsh, unprecedented weather conditions requiring you to return to business as soon as possible. You can also have issues with fuel supply issues, leading to a chain of delays and disruptions.

These situations can be handled more efficiently when you have enough fuel onsite. A fuel management system tells you just that. You’ll know when to order extra fuel in advance, and as you collect data over time, you’ll have a better idea of how much fuel you’ll need for future projects.

If you’re working in an area with a risk of severe weather conditions, you’ll know how much fuel you have available if the worst happens and be prepared for the most extreme situations. You will experience less downtime and no waiting around for external suppliers, helping you get back up and running quickly and efficiently.

Preventing leaks and spillages

A proper fuel management protocol will also reduce leaks and spills that may occur and ensures environmental compliance. With environmental compliance becoming more critical and the ban on red diesel accelerating this further, many sites are switching to renewable fuel, such as HVO. However, these fuels can be more expensive, so the last thing you need is your stock going to waste.

Installing onsite fuel management software is the best way to identify spills quickly. Alerts will flag anomalies within your fuel usage, which can suggest various problems, such as leaks. The faster the issue is identified, the less fuel is wasted, saving time and money. 

As well as this, Western Global’s bunded fuel tanks prevent spills and leaks, leading to fewer shutdowns due to environmental incidents. Our tanks are also manufactured from steel, a more recyclable material and improving the green credentials of your site. Thanks to fuel management; construction regulations are now easier to meet. 

What is the best fuel management system for the construction industry?

Western Global provides the tools to take your construction project planning to the next level. Whether you know what you need to create an efficient workforce or you’re searching for cost-effective solutions, we elevate your fuel management procedures so you’re ready for all situations. 

As our fuel management systems are online, you can access a wealth of data from anywhere to help you forecast and minimise any losses. Fuel is often seen as a given expense in construction, but with Western Global, you can remove the headache and treat it as any other project material. 

In terms of our tanks, we’ve designed our fuel storage tanks to provide extra layers of security and efficiency for your site. For example, our renowned TransCube Global comes with lockable cabinets, bunded design and a galvanised frame, meaning that your fuel is safe from bumps, leaks and drips. We’ve also added a removable inner tank to simplify maintenance and inspections. 

Our renowned Transcube Global is designed to minimise downtime and lessen your dependence on fuel deliveries. Its cubed structure can be lifted onto even the most remote locations, creating a stress-free refuelling process. Paired with the right fuel management plan, construction problems are significantly reduced. We’ll ensure you’re set up, and we are always on hand to answer any questions. 

Speak to our team today, and we’ll help you maintain control of your fuel needs.

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