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A double walled portable DEF tank that provides 110% containment for diesel exhaust fluid. The DEFCube comes rental ready, with a robust design that can be lifted directly onto site and used immediately. 

defcube - DEF tank on a jobsite

DEF storage tanks done right

At Western Global, we’ve taken a different approach to DEF storage that meets your requirements. The DEFCube is a bulk DEF tank that allows you to store DEF onsite for a long period of time, no matter the environment.

Our DEF storage tank comes with a poly inner and a steel outer tank which helps maintain the temperature of your DEF, making it easier to store onsite in both hot and cold conditions. 

As an extra cost-saving measure that gives you more control while refilling, our AutoDEF replenish system can be purchased and installed with your DEFCube. Read more about AutoDEF here.

Portable DEF Tank

The DEFCube can be transported onto, remote sites safely and securely. You can lift your portable DEF container directly onto site, so you can get straight to it, rather than waiting for fuel deliveries or spending a lot of time setting up. 

For sites that are logistically challenging, the DEFCube is easily maneuverable. It can be transported around with a pallet jack and forklift, it also benefits from a stackable design, so you don’t need to worry about our DEF tank taking up too much space.


Equipment and ports are secure and spills are contained. Secure hose access enables fueling while cabinet is locked.


Quick and easy maneuvering and mobility.

110% Double Walled DEF Tank

Built-in, weather proof secondary containment.


Liftable by crane and easily stackable: two high full and three high empty.

Safe and secure DEF tanks

DEF must be stored correctly to prevent contamination and extend its shelf life. This is where the DEFCube’s double walled design comes in – the steel outer tank provides secondary containment to protect against spills and leaks and the inner tank is manufactured from plastic, adding an extra layer of protection that outlasts far more damage than plastic DEF tanks.

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DEF fluid tank specifications

defcube from Western Global
(Safe Fill)
136 US gal 514 L
(L x W x H)
46 x 46 x 45 in 1,132 x 1,132 x 1,145 mm
(Empty / Full)
850 / 1,874 lbs 336 / 741 kg
Trailer GVWR
(Gross Vehicle Weight Rating)
defcube from Western Global
(Nominal/safe fill 95%)
136 US gal 514 L
(L x W x H)
46 x 46 x 45 in 1,132 x 1,132 x 1,145 mm
Weight (Empty/Full)
850 - 1,874 lbs 336 - 741 lbs

The Top Tote - a unique DEF storage alternative

If you already own our TransCube and are not sure about purchasing more tanks for your fleet, we offer a Top Tote DEF fuel tank that can be stacked on top of your TransCube as a complete dual-fluid system.
Explore the Top Tote here.

AutoDEF: a complete DEF tank and pump solution

The DEFCube is available with a standard transfer pump, however, you can upgrade your DEF storage solution and opt for our AutoDEF – a unique, auto-fill nozzle that sits inside your DEFCube tank. This system automatically pumps DEF fluid as soon as you need it, saving you money and reducing shutdowns due to shortages. Explore the AutoDEF here.

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