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If you’re looking for large fuel storage, the TransCube Standby is the solution for you. Our range of large fuel tanks guarantees fuel at volume, strategically and conveniently located on-site. These large fuel storage tanks have a capacity of up to 2,388 US gallons and can deliver constant fuel for up to three large diesel engines.

Take Control

Contractors choose the larger TransCube Standby to avoid waiting for fuel deliveries. It guarantees longer run times for generators and a host of diesel equipment.

Corner brackets and four-way forklift pockets on the galvanized frame ensure the TransCube Standby is effortlessly moveable. These large fuel storage tanks are double walled, featuring a lockable equipment cabinet to contain drips and spills for the ultimate security.

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Manway Access

Allows access to inner tank for easy
routine maintenance and inspection.

Double Walled

Built-in, weather proof secondary containment eliminates the need for drip trays.

Four-way Forklift Pockets

Quick and easy maneuvering and mobility.

Corner Brackets

Liftable by crane and easily stackable: three high empty.

Lockable Equipment Cabinet

Equipment and ports are secure and spills are contained. Secure hose access enables fuelling while cabinet is locked.

Galvanized Frame

Strong, durable, reliable and secure structure with added protection from bumps, scratches and dings.



Keep bulk fuel strategically located on-site to refuel equipment without waiting for fuel deliveries.


By delivering a constant supply of diesel for up to three engines, the TransCube Standby provides greater efficiency and longer run times for portable generators, ground heaters, compressors and more.

(Safe Fill)
2,388 US gal 9,040 L
(L x W x H)
99 x 90 x 99 in 2,525 x 2,281 x 2,517 mm
(Empty / Full)
7,553 / 27,483 lbs 3,426 / 12,466 kg
Trailer GVWR
(Gross Vehicle Weight Rating)
(Nominal/safe fill 95%)
2,388 US gal 9,040 L
(L x W x H)
99 x 90 x 99 in 2,525 x 2,281 x 2,517 mm
Weight (Empty/Full)
7,553 - 27,483 lbs 3,426 - 12,466 lbs

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