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Fuel Tank Suppliers: a ready-made upsell opportunity for the rental market

Delivering high-performance metrics with quality fuel solutions

If you’re looking to offer contractors something extra, our tanks deliver impressive dollar utilization and set you apart from rival rental firms. They’re simple, low maintenance and the perfect complement to any engine-driven equipment. Asking “Would you like a fuel tank with that?” broadens your capability and delivers better value to your customer.

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  • Offer your contractors more
  • Provide solutions not just products
  • Help ensure environmental compliance

If you’re in the hire business, our tanks deliver unbeatable ROI rates and differentiate you from the competition. Becoming a refueling partner is a proven way to generate loyalty and repeat business.

In a saturated market, where margins are tight and innovation tough to find, we help rental operators provide solutions to customers, not just products. We hold a stock of tanks worldwide that will create incremental revenue and ensure better fuel security, even on tough to access sites. It makes perfect business sense, and ensures you and your customer avoid downtime and delay.

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Profit-driven fuel storage for your site

  • High dollar utilization cat-class
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Perfect for a huge range of applications

Our robust tanks are transportable, even filled with fuel, and quick to set-up on site. They eliminate costly downtime from waiting on late and missed deliveries, handing control back to the contractor. 

Lost revenue from interrupted fuel supplies and theft is a problem in construction. Rental customers can guard against inefficiency and loss with simplified, secure storage. Helping them stay productive without relying on 3rd party fuel suppliers is a smart solution and great business for everyone – and ready to install tanks ship in just 2-three business days worldwide.

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Refuelled and Ready: Robust Fuel Storage Distribution

  • Simple to install and operate
  • Second-to-none stock availability
  • Wide product range

Drips, leaks and spills create risk for rental customers – with costly clean-up operations and damage to their reputation. Our tanks cut the chances of environmental incidents – and are globally approved.

We provide the world’s best environmentally secure fuel storage in construction, agriculture and power-gen. Our kit is designed and built to meet and exceed today’s standards, with an eye on tomorrow’s, even on sensitive sites and marine settings. As rental and hire customers move toward renewables, and engines ever more sensitive to contaminants, we’re ready to keep them running.

Sustainable Fuel Storage


When storing fuel onsite, using a double wall fuel storage tank can help reduce onsite traffic, improving your health and safety.


With fuel costs continuing to rise, we know you need a secure construction fuel tank to look after this important asset. Western Global double walled fuel tanks have the ability to store pumps completely within the lockable cabinet. This secure benefit reduces fuel and pump theft.

Environmentally Secure

Remove the concerns and costs of EPA inspections, fuel spills and containment pan cleans, with a double walled steel fuel tank.

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