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A unique AutoDEF pump by Western Global. Once installed inside your DEFCube, or on your Top Tote the AutoDEF replenishes the connected equipment’s DEF systems automatically, reducing refill times and keeping sites up and running for longer.

DEF tank pumps reimagined

Our AutoDEF is an auto-fill DEF tank pump that extends run times by refilling your tank with DEF automatically. The AutoDEF senses when your tank is in a dry state and starts pumping DEF as and when needed, eliminating the need for someone to be onsite at all times. This unique, field-tested technology includes a sensor in the nozzle to make sure its correctly seated, and purge function keeps the lines clear and prevents crystallization. With a simple set-up process, the AutoDEF does all the hard work for you when it comes to refilling DEF. 

Suitable for a range of equipment, the AutoDEF ensures your DEF is protected from the elements, with the fluid and cables running through an insulated cover, get in touch to see if your equipment is suitable.


A simple, touch-screen interface for seamless setup.


No leaks or spills, reducing DEF wastage and protecting it from contaminants.

Minimise Spills

The AutoDEF minimises on-site spillages.


Compatible with a wide range of equipment, the AutoDEF is a multi-functional refilling source.
A universal DEF auto-replenishment system

The AutoDEF dispensing system can be added to either the inside of the DEFCube, mounted onto a Top Tote or in the cabinet of the TransCube, if using a Top Tote alongside this. When ordered, your AutoDEF will come readily fitted so you can get up and running in no time. All you will have to do is insert the nozzle into the DEF cap and select ‘Auto start’ on the touchscreen. From here, let your DEF pump system do all the work. Explore the DEFCube and DEF Top Tote here.


The AutoDEF keeps equipment running for longer by staying on top of DEF levels and minimizing time spent refilling. 


By optimizing run times and reducing wastage, the AutoDEF saves time and money on projects.

DEF Fluid containers from Western Global

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