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Uninterrupted Energy: Fuel Tanks for Generators 

Saving Time & Money with Our Extended Fuel Tank for Generators

Frequent, small fuel deliveries can mean downtime and unnecessary traffic on-site. Using our transportable extended run fuel tanks for a secure energy source reduces your reliance on suppliers, cutting the risk of costly shutdowns and spillages. We offer the widest range of globally approved solutions, from simple storage to sophisticated GPS tracked systems.

Achieving Efficiency With Remote Fuel Tanks for Generators

  • Reduce servicing and site visits
  • Eliminate downtime and shutdowns
  • Fewer, regular refuelling required

Regular refuelling is essential on-site, for power generation and diesel-powered plant. Relying on external suppliers risks downtime and shutdowns. We’re ready to keep your project running with uninterrupted and environmentally secure fuel.

Frequent service visits can interrupt progress and create risk when refuelling. For extended run times and protection against spills and leakages, we manufacture and hold stock of the world’s best transportable and stationary external fuel tank for diesel generators. They’re easily manoeuvred into place and carry enough fuel to keep projects on track. It’s the secure and efficient way to hold vital energy, on any site. On our extended run fuel tanks, quick connect has never been easier. You can quickly attach your tank to your generator in no time, so you can get work straight away.

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  • Bulk fuel buying benefits
  • Take back control of your energy
  • Traceability and low wastage

Buying fuel in bulk and securing it against theft or wastage gives you control over one of your most significant on-site costs. You can also opt to add sophisticated yet simple to operate fuel management systems.

Occasional fuel theft and accidental spillage are often taken as normal when using traditional steel tanks with equipment open to the elements. We’ve spent over 50-years perfecting the most efficient fuel storage solutions – battle tested in combat and used on some of the world’s most pioneering projects. We can supply tanks for any generator, bringing clear cost-savings, flexibility, and traceability – reducing waste and uncertainty.

Keep Your Job Site Secure

Safe and Secure Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks for Generators

  • Lower spillage risk
  • Fewer suppliers on-site
  • GPS location tracked

The last thing you need is fuel spillages and theft to slow you down. Our extended run fuel tanks for generators are safe and secure, with locked cabinets to minimise theft. Each of our tanks leave no drips or spillages, and are robust and durable, offering a complete fuel solution. Your fuel is safe both on site and when on the move.

Holding your own secure stock of fuel gives you freedom. Our diesel fuel tanks for generators can be forklifted or craned into even tight positions – filled with fuel. With lower risk of theft and leakage, it’s the smart solution to managing hazardous liquids and keeping you compliant. You can also choose GPS tracking and field-tested monitoring systems to control cost and consumption.

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Large fuel tanks for generators - onsite fuel supply for all situations

Our extended run fuel tanks reduce shutdowns and disruptions, so you can work interrupted onsite. We provide tanks in a range of sizes and designs, all robust and ready to keep you refueled at all costs. 

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TransCube Global Fuel Tank

Our renowned Transcube Global is designed to keep your site up and running. Reliability and flexibility are the cornerstones of this tank, making it the ideal fuel tank for emergency generators.

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Less interruptions, more savings

We’ve designed our fuel storage tanks to provide uninterrupted power for a variety of generators. Compatible with a range of top brands, you can rely on Western Global for your project.

See our digital runtime chart below for more information.

Generator Runtime Chart

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