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Disaster Relief 

Ready for emergencies

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the Maui wildfires

The devastating wildfire that swept through west Maui in early August has been recorded as the deadliest American wildfire in more than a century. Today, thousands of people are still displaced from their homes and left with severe personal and financial loss.

Our response team has worked hard to get fuel tanks out the door to help customers restore power & fuel clean-up efforts, providing emergency refueling during these critical and uncertain times.

Transportable and deployable fuel tanks

Fuel tanks, like the TransCube, are compact and ready to go. The TransCube Global is fully transportable full of fuel, requiring limited resources and labor to operate. So you can deliver fuel quickly and safely wherever you need it. 

If a gas station or other infrastructure has lost power or cannot deliver fuel, you can safely transport a TransCube full of fuel to the affected area. Likewise, if the affected area cannot support a large delivery truck, our TransCube Mobile Refueler and FuelCube Type-S are ideal for transporting fuel on the move and to limited access spaces.

Disaster relief, truck with crane.

Extend run time from 24 hours to 7 days. 

Without relying on external suppliers, the TransCube can fuel up to three pieces of equipment simultaneously, extending run time on equipment from 24 hours to 7 days. 

Keep the environment clean

Our fuel tanks are double-walled, with a built-in weatherproof secondary containment and cabinet design. So, your equipment is kept secure from extreme weather, such as rain, wind, and flying debris. Unlike round tanks with an open basin, our fuel cube’s secondary containment design prevents fuel contamination and keeps the environment safe and secure.

Western Global's response to Hurricane Ida

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