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DEF storage:
a radical new fuel
storage solution

defcube from Western Global

Western Global -
DEF tank manufacturers

Western Global are market leaders in fuel storage, so you can expect the same high quality, reliable products we’re known for when purchasing DEF storage tanks. We’ve designed our products for our customers, listening to their demands and manufacturing DEF containers that will meet all of your requirements.

DEF storage tanks

Our bulk DEF storage is compatible with different types of equipment, is easy to install and can be forklifted straight onto site.

Find out more about our DEF tanks below, or speak to our team.

def top tote

Introducing our AutoDEF Replenish

Minimise Spills

Refilling DEF can be time consuming and costly, so we’ve designed the AutoDEF replenish, a revolutionary auto-fill nozzle that is compatible with your DEFCube and Top Tote. The Auto-Def Replenish starts pumping DEF as and when required. Suitable for a wide range of equipment, the AutoDEF creates a more efficient system that saves you time and money in the long run.

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Storing DEF

As DEF is not classified as a hazardous material and has less regulations when compared to fuel storage. However, DEF’s shelf life is easily affected by temperature changes, weather exposure or dusty climates, so it’s important to securely store your DEF to ensure your stock remains pure.

Double walled DEF tank
with a lockable cabinet that provides extra protection
defcube from Western Global
Poly inner
with steel outer
Stackable with the TransCube Global
making a dual-fluid system
def top tote
RSV valve and transfer pump
with auto-fill nozzle
Revolutionary auto-fill nozzle
that extends run times
Patented AutoDEF
with user-friendly interface and touchscreen

Installing your DEF storage containers

Storage of DEF Fluid FAQs

How should DEF be stored securely?

Due to its corrosive nature DEF must be stored in high-density Polyethylene, polypropylene or stainless steel containers. This will enhance the shelf life of your asset by keeping it away from environmental conditions such as heat and dust.

How long can def fluid be stored in a tank?

This is largely dependant on the ambient storage temperature, DEF will degrade over time depending on temperature and exposure to sunlight. As a guide, non-contaminated DEF that conforms to ISO22241 standard and stored within the optimal temperature conditions, should have a shelf life of up to 2 years.

Do DEF tanks need secondary containment?

There is not a requirement for DEF storage to need secondary containment, however it is advised in order to reduce contamination risk and the risk to the environment as DEF is corrosive and a pollutant.

DEFCube Storage Solution

Our products offer complete containment of your DEF, providing optimised conditions whilst helping with your environmental compliance.

-40°C Storage outside

The DEFCube is a double walled DEF tank, with a poly inner and steel outer to keep DEF stock contained. Its durability provides extra protection, and the lockable cabinet keeps your stock and equipment safe and secure.

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