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Why Should You Consider Bulk Fuel Storage? The benefits of bulk fuel storage

The benefits of bulk fuel storage are numerous. Storing fuel onsite gives you the power to work without interruptions, extending run times and reducing costs. While your current fuel delivery schedule may be getting the job done, investing in a tank that can hold large volumes of fuel also comes with a range of benefits for your business.

At Western Global, we’re huge fans of bulk fuel storage, and our tanks keep you up and running for long periods of time. Whether you’re running generators or refuelling on a construction site, onsite fuel storage provides many opportunities. Here’s why you should consider bulk fuel storage.


What is bulk fuel storage?

Bulk fuel storage means storing large amounts of fuel – often 200L or more – in tanks on a job site. This applies to both above and underground circumstances. These bulk fuel tanks often store diesel or oil in bulk. When in use, these fuel tanks are stored onsite for ultimate convenience.


The advantages of onsite fuel storage

Storing fuel onsite can enhance your project in many ways, no matter your sector or project.  Keep reading to find out why.

Increase efficiency

Running out of fuel or running low can slow your operations and result in business downtime. So, what’s the solution? Bulk storage tanks allow you to hold large volumes of fuel onsite, making you less likely to run out, and productivity can improve or remain high. Workers will no longer have to take trips off-site to refuel, and they’ll be able to focus more on tasks and jobs onsite.

Reduce your costs – is buying bulk fuel cheaper?

Buying in bulk is almost always cheaper and the same applies to fuel. On a busy site where you’re using machinery all day, refuelling is going to be a constant task and this can quickly increase your outgoings if you’re having more fuel deliveries. However, with a bulk fuel storage tank, you can save money over time and ensure you have reliable and constant access to high-quality fuel.

Bulk fuel storage as a long-term solution

Bulk fuel storage tanks are a great option for those seeking long-term solutions. The larger capacity will provide a stationary onsite bulk tank for fleet yards or remote locations, so all the fuel you need is easy to access. Long-term solutions like this can help your business stay consistent and expand in the future.

Reduce the risk of fuel theft

Storing fuel onsite ensures your business can monitor, with access provisions, to prevent theft. In addition, you can add a range of bulk storage accessories such as fuel monitoring, purchasing and management systems to your own bunded fuel tank to enhance security and prevent theft.

Click to find out more about protecting your fuel from theft. 

Environmental compliance

For sites where environmental regulations are a key factor, fuel storage tanks keep your fuel locked securely away, reducing any leaks or spills that may impact the environment – and accrue extra costs. 

Storing fuel in bulk also reduces the amount of traffic on site, including fuel deliveries. This helps lower your site’s carbon footprint and increase your environmental credentials, saving you from potential compliance headaches later down the line. 


What is the importance of fuel storage?

Bulk fuel storage can transform your processes and enhance your project. As we’ve listed above, storing large amounts of fuel onsite can save you money, improve efficiency and provide another layer of security for your fuel stock. 

If you’d like to start storing fuel in bulk, but are still deciding which tank you need, read our guide on things to consider when buying a fuel storage tank

At Western Global, we’re experts in fuel storage tanks and aim to provide high-quality products for all industries. If you’re looking for bulk storage options, consider our Envirocube or the Envirobulka Deluxe, designed to hold large fuel volumes. Get in touch with us today for more information about our fuel solutions.

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