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Protecting your assets: preventing fuel theft in construction

Recent surges in fuel prices have brought an increase in fuel theft throughout the construction industry. Losing your fuel means losing time and money, both of which can lead to project downtime and another headache that project managers need to deal with. 

As the issue becomes more and more of an issue, now is the time to review the security measures on your job site and ensure a construction site security strategy is in place.  There are a number of measures you can take to keep your fuel safe – keep reading to see how you can get started.


Red diesel and the increase in fuel theft

Since the 2022 ban of red diesel, the construction industry is seeing an increase in fuel theft. Fuel alternatives, such as HVO, can be more expensive, and so many people are trying their luck and searching for ways to secure these fuel types –  without paying the price.

Western Global has a range of HVO fuel storage solutions for your business to explore.

Are you doing everything you can to prevent theft of fuel?

At Western Global, we understand the impact the theft of fuel has on your site. We want to help keep your costs at a minimum, so we’ve put together five simple steps to help prevent fuel theft, vandalism, and other damage to your site.

1. Review your fuel tank stock

You can do what you can to increase construction security, but a sturdy, modern tank that protects your fuel is one of the best methods of fuel theft prevention. A poorly-designed fuel tank poses less of a challenge for thieves. A high-quality tank with a range of features that help keep your fuel 100% contained will provide that extra level of security you need onsite.

Check your fuel tanks have the following features for maximum security:

– Is your fuel tank bunded, keeping fuel behind two walls and making it harder to reach?

–  Is all equipment fully contained in a secure lockable cabinet?

– Do your tanks have enhanced security features to prevent theft and track fuel consumption? Look out for features like concealed hinges and tamper-proof locking systems.

– Do you have alarms installed?

Here at Western Global, our fuel tanks come equipped with the latest technology and features to help keep your fuel safe and secure. From GPS tracking and lockable cabinets to bunded designs, our tanks give you peace of mind. Get in touch to find out more about our fuel tanks and accessories.

2. Add fuel management systems for fuel tank theft prevention

Have complete fuel control by adding fuel management to your fuel tanks. Adding fuel management technology helps control fuel usage on your site, preventing theft and overall efficiency.

With our fuel management systems, only authorised users can only dispense fuel, preventing theft as you cannot use it unless permitted.  If you’re concerned about employee fuel theft, you can easily check how much fuel is being dispensed and when, allowing you to spot any unusual activity quickly.

By closely monitoring fuel tank levels and using all the data recorded from every transaction, you can also predict future fuel needs, buying before you need to. Your site becomes less dependent on deliveries, and capitalising on lower fuel costs and extended run times.

3. Securing a construction site: lock entrances and exits

Fuel theft solutions extend beyond your fuel tank. You can install many fuel theft prevention systems throughout your job site to improve construction security and hinder unwanted visitors.

Ensure that the site is secure with high fencing, deterring unplanned theft and slowing down organised crime.  Many thieves can find their way around weak or insecure fencing, so this should be one of your first considerations when setting up a site.

Avoid keeping any assets close to fencing – instead, try placing your fuel tank near cameras, lights or motion sensors for quick detection. Install signage to deter anyone thinking of breaking in.

4. Prevent fuel theft with strong lighting

Theft is more common in the dark. Set timers on your site so interim lights come on and off – any sort of motion detection will deter a thief from targeting your site. Make sure all corners of your site have good lighting, especially near entrances, exits and delivery areas.

If you’re concerned about the cost of adding more lights onsite, then there are plenty of low-energy options available. With sensors included, your lights will only stay on as long as there is someone onsite, so you don’t need to worry about wasting energy and can concentrate your funds elsewhere.

5. Add surveillance cameras to stop fuel theft on construction sites

Consider adding security cameras to your site. CCTV provides the utmost protection, and not utilising them is almost an invitation for anyone wanting to break in. With the right fuel theft detection systems in place, security cameras or sensors are also likely to sound an alarm if there’s any suspicious activity detected on your site.

Alternatively, a warning sign to state ‘surveillance is in operation’ could be enough to deter theft with or without security cameras.


Western Global: fuel theft solutions

Diesel fuel theft leaves a multitude of problems for your site, but installing the right protective measures keeps you up and running for longer. By following our tips above, you can prevent fuel theft while saving both time and money.

Caught on camera! Watch what happens when these two thieves attempt to break into one of our fuel tanks.

TransCube Global – leading anti-theft fuel tank

Our market-leading TransCube Global comes with the latest features to keep your fuel secure. Its double-walled design ensures your stock is completely contained, and the lockable equipment cabinet adds another level of security.

To find out more about our fuel storage tanks, get in touch today.

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