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Protecting Your Assets

Are you doing everything you can to keep your job site secure?  

With the surge in fuel prices, fuel theft on construction sites will continue to rise. Now is the time to review the security measures on your job site and ensure a security strategy is in place.  

We want to help keep your costs at a minimum, so we have put together five simple steps to help prevent fuel theft, vandalism, and other damage to your site. 

1. Review your fuel tank stock

Check your fuel tanks have the following features for maximum security.

– Is all equipment fully contained in a secure lockable cabinet?  

– Do your tanks have enhanced security features- to prevent theft and track fuel consumption? Look out for features like concealed hinges and tamper-proof locking systems.   

– Do you have alarms installed?  

 Check out our fuel tank security features… 

2. Add fuel management

Have complete fuel control by adding fuel management to your fuel tanks. Adding fuel management technology helps control fuel usage on your site, preventing theft and overall efficiency. 

– Authorized users can only dispense fuel, preventing theft as you cannot use it unless permitted.  

– Closely monitor fuel tank levels, with all data recorded from every transaction- this also helps predict future fuel needs.  

3. Lock entrances and exits

– Ensure the site is secure with high fencing, deterring unplanned theft or slowing down organized crime.  

– Avoid keeping any assets close to fencing.  

4. Deter theft with lights

– Theft is more common in darkness. Set timers on your site so interim lights come on and off.  

– Lighting will likely deter thieves from targeting your site.   

5. Add surveillance cameras

– You may want to consider adding security cameras to your site.  

– Alternatively, a warning sign to state ‘surveillance is in operation’ could be enough to deter theft (with or without security cameras).  

– Security cameras or sensors will likely sound an alarm before the occurrence of any theft.  


Caught on camera! Watch what happens when these two thieves attempt to break into one of our fuel tanks. 

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