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Keeping a lid on consumption and cost

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When it comes to project management, equipment efficiency and the dangers of downtime have a huge impact on your bottom line. The cost of fuel (and ensuring a clean, ready supply) is often one of the most significant expenses on-site. Changing technology in fuel storage is helping tackle these issues and mitigate costs.

The cost of losing fuel to theft, engine issues from contaminants and lost productivity from waiting on deliveries, mean the storage and distribution of worksite fuel is a potential headache for project managers. Here we discuss the latest trends in monitoring consumption and stock levels, preventing theft, and filtration technology to keep pace with tomorrow’s engines, today.

Without fuel, time and money are lost. New technology in remote tank monitoring allows operators to track inventory levels and live locations at any time, avoiding downtime from depleted fuel supplies. Via internet or mobile App, they generate reports and email alerts, to enact timely refill orders. The system also flags unusual usage pointing to theft or leaks. Knowing what spare storage capacity you have across a site also enables procurement to stock up when prices are low. For off-grid locations, GPS data helps operators and suppliers know precisely where tanks are, too, avoiding lengthy searches on large worksites.


Loss of fuel is an often overlooked expense. Losing over £500 a month on misplaced fuel and chalking it up to ‘the cost of the job’ happens more than one might think. But fuel loss is preventable. Card-locking control technology combats theft by only allowing authorized individuals to access fuel. Our system lets drivers enter their details, vehicle number and type of fuel they need via a phone-based App. This prevents loss and helps determine which operators and equipment are using the bulk of the fuel.

Engineers design new engines to meet changing environmental standards, and we’re constantly evolving our filtration systems to keep pace. Clean, contaminant-free fuel means higher usage time and fewer issues from dispensing. Given that most diesel is delivered with a surprisingly ‘dirty’ ISO rating, contaminated fuel is a real issue that’s not considered critical until something goes wrong.

From the world’s best remote tank monitoring to card locking theft prevention systems, and next-generation filtration – we are ready to keep you equipped 24/7, with secure, clean fuel.

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