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Fuel Tanks -Selecting the right fuel tank

You’ve decided to take control of your fuel supply and invest in a bulk storage tank. That’s great — bulk fuel storage increases your operation’s productivity and equipment fuel efficiency. Western Global’s tanks provide security for the fuel supply to deter theft while simplifying compliance with environmental regulations. We sell fuel tanks ranging from 500 to more than 60,000 litres, so you’ll find a size that fits your needs. But how do you determine which size is best?

There are several elements to consider when deciding the right fit, and we’re here to help simplify the process. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you choose between the different fuel storage tank sizes.

Choosing the right fuel storage tank capacity

Bulk fuel storage can massively increase productivity and efficiency, so choosing the right tank is very important. You don’t want one that’s too small for your needs. Equally, you don’t want a tank that’s difficult to transport if you’re working on a job site, which means fuel will need to be moved around often. 

At Western Global, we have a wide selection of tanks available to suit the needs of a variety of businesses. Choosing the one that’s right for you depends on the functionality that you need. Read on to find out what you need to consider.

How much fuel do you need to keep on hand?

Consider the tank size needed to supply the amount of fuel you’re using between fuel drops. Our TransCube Global is your all-in-one solution when investing in a fuel storage tank. Ranging from 500 to 3000 litres in capacity, the TransCube is designed to provide a portable solution that allows you to dispense fuel while simultaneously fuelling up to three pieces of equipment at one time.

If you have a larger operation and need a more substantial fuel storage tank capacity, then look to our TransCube Standby and EnviroBulka Deluxe Global. These tanks range from 4,500 litres and 5,000 to 9,000 litres, respectively. 

The TransCube Standby and EnviroBulka are fully bunded. Additionally, the TransCube Standby features forklift pockets to manoeuvre the tank when empty. The EnviroBulka can be used to create safe and secure fully-bunded fuel stations for fleets and generators.

A worker using an EnviroCube tank.

To move or not to move

Typically, the larger the fuel tank, the more stationary it tends to be. You won’t get the same transportability in an EnviroBulka as you would from a TransCube Global. If you need volume but transportability, you may be better served with a fleet of smaller tanks than one large one, but large tanks are great for long-term stationary applications. If you’re in the market for a fuel tank between 985 and 1,940 litres and need to maximise mobility, check out the ABBI Fuel Bowser for a complete mobile fuel station designed to travel around the construction site and between projects.

It’s the most reliable, environmentally secure solution for refuelling equipment on the move. The trailer features internal baffles to maximise stability when hauling the tank full of fuel. It’s ideal for roadwork and work sites that require fuel transportation across highways, allowing it to be quickly moved to machinery, vehicles and any other equipment needing a refill. 

Are you looking for turnkey?

All Western Global tanks can be outfitted with accessories that work best for you and your application. Our accessories — from pumps to gauges to hose reels and solar panel kits — are pre-installed, creating a turnkey solution ready for fuel upon delivery.

Our large tank solutions feature even more customizability to suit your specific bulk fuel storage applications. The EnviroBulka, for example, can be outfitted with accessories to become a complete fuel management system, allowing you to track fuel levels and ensure efficiency and security.

Western Global: an all-in-one package

Our tanks help you take control of fuel supplies, extend equipment run times and avoid downtime from a depleted fuel supply. They offer 110% fluid containment, eliminating the need for a containment pan, and meet global transportation standards to provide safe fuel transport wherever needed.

Whether it’s a smaller, 500-litre fuel tank, a 9000-litre tank or a fully mobile setup, we have the right diesel fuel tank sizes for your operation.

Get in touch with us today to start choosing the right bulk storage tank to take control of your fuel supply. Our team will help you determine the best size to meet your present and future needs and partner with you to ensure all regulations are met, saving you time and hassle.

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