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Winter Fuel Storage


Top Three Tips for storing fuel this winter

  1. Keep blockages out of fuel lines
  2. Prevent fuel theft
  3. Ensure leak-free operation

Keep blockages out of fuel lines

Keep an eye on fuel levels and avoid heater breakdowns. This helps you keep on top of how much fuel is left in your tank to give you enough time to order and prevent fuel delivery delays.

Running your tank to nearly empty can cause water, sludge, and sediment to form at the bottom. During colder months, this build-up can freeze and result in blockages and heater performance issues. Therefore we recommend keeping your tank full to avoid pumping unwanted remains. We also offer filter packages on our pump kits to help maintain fuel purity and keep heaters running.

Prevent fuel theft

Did you know winter is the most common time for theft? Theft is most common at night, and with fewer daylight hours, theft is more likely. That’s why it is essential to have a durable and secure fuel tank that keeps assets contained and provides you peace of mind.

Western global fuel tanks are entirely lockable. Here are just some of the security features our tanks can offer you:

  • Lockable equipment cabinet – keep equipment and ports secure and contain spills.
  • Concealed hinges and tamper-proof locking systems
  • Thick galvanized carbon steel to prevent crime and withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Access manway – prevents the lid from being removed.

You can read more about job site security in our recent blog post.

"In this area, theft is prevalent, and we have not had any Western Global fuel tanks broken into."

Ensure leak-free operation

In colder conditions, leaks are more likely to appear due to the contraction of steel when it gets cold. Therefore, we recommend regular checks before harsh weather conditions. 

  •  Detect the defect- Cold weather and heavy snowfall may cause defects. Check for cracks and weather erosion, risking costly spills and fuel contamination.
  •  Locate the leak – Any strange smells, or staining, could be a sign of a leak. A leak can be a severe problem for your business and the environment, so staying ahead of the game is essential.

Poor tank maintenance can cause problems any time of year. Therefore, we advise checking your fuel tank routinely. You can find more information about maintaining your fuel tank throughout the year in our How-To guide.

Western Global can get your winter ready in no time. Browse our fuel storage tanks, read more about our fuel tanks for heaters & generators, or get in touch to find out more.

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