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Western Global Production Process

Have you ever wondered how we build a Western Global fuel tank? Our production process video provides a behind-the-scenes look.


Meet Justyna Laszek: Our Quality Engineer

Before we delve into the production process, let’s introduce our guide: Justyna Laszek. As a Quality Engineer at Western Global, Justyna plays a crucial role in ensuring that every fuel tank leaving our facility meets the highest standards of quality, safety and reliability. 


The industry-leading TransCube Global:

We look at the journey of a TransCube, our most compact, reliable and durable fuel storage unit. Here’s what makes it unique:

  • Fully Transportable and full of fuel: Portable, versatile, and ready to hit the road. Whether at a construction site, off-the-grid or a bustling event, the TransCube moves with you wherever you need a reliable source of power. 
  • Safety first: 110% bunded, spill containment, and lockable equipment cabinet. No leaks, no spills, just peace of mind. Read more about the importance of safety on construction sites. 
  • Efficient refueling: Connect to 3 pieces of equipment at once; the TransCube allows for seamless fuel dispensing. No more hassle – just efficient refueling. 
  • Zero downtime: Say goodbye to waiting for fuel deliveries. The TransCube ensures uninterrupted operations, allowing you to keep your equipment running smoothly.


The Production Process Unveiled

Let’s step behind the scenes and explore how we create these high-quality tanks. 

1. Materials Selection: We start with the raw materials that meet high-quality standards.  

2. Welding: We join the tank components, which involves skilled workers and advanced robotic welding. 

3. Quality Checks: Justyna and her team conduct rigorous quality checks at every stage.  

4. The Paintwork: Shot-blast tanks for painting and end with the paint job. 

5. Final Components: All components come together, and the TransCube is ready for action. 

Whether you are powering a construction site, a generator or a remote operation, our tanks play a vital role. So, the next time you see a Western Global fuel tank, don’t forget about the craftsmanship and dedication that went into the creation. 

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Watch the Production video here.

TransCube Global

A TransCube Global Fuel Tank.

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