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Extreme Test Series - Man VS Tank

Extreme Test Series: Man VS Tank

At Western Global, we take our testing seriously. Our fuel tanks go through rigorous checks to ensure they are compliant with the highest standard levels in the industry. It’s one thing to showcase our certifications and approvals through logos or features on our website – but sometimes, we want to show off our credentials a little bit differently. Welcome to the second edition of our Extreme Test Series: Man VS Tank. 

To gain our UN and DOT approvals, we must pressure test our tanks to 30psi. It’s a standard procedure that checks the strength of our inner tank and double-walled secondary containment. By pressurizing each tank, we can ensure we gain the accreditations needed for our customers to store and transport their fuel confidently. 

What happened when the TransCube went up against World Strongest Man contestant Paul Smith?

But we wanted to discover what would happen if we applied a different type of strength to our tanks—human strength, to be exact. 

So, we invited the World’s Strongest Man contestant, Paul Smith, to have a go at pushing our TransCube to its limits. Armed with a sledgehammer, battering ram, and an 85kg / 187lb Atlas Ball, Paul attacked the tank from all angles, with only one goal: to destroy the TransCube. 

Over a day, Paul’s efforts caused a few dents and scratches here and there, but even with an Atlas Ball dropped from 3 meters high, they were no match for the TransCube’s steel walls and galvanized frame. The internal tank was completely unharmed, and the access hatch continued to open as normal. No leaks, no spills, and everything was perfectly intact. 

With fuel theft and extreme weather events increasing across the country, it’s never been more important to secure a storage solution that can withstand any threat. Throughout the Extreme Test Series, the TransCube has demonstrated its durability and strength, making it one of the market’s most reliable fuel storage tanks. To see our TransCube in action, watch Man Vs. Tank here. 

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