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Which fuel trailer is best for your project?

At Western Global, we manufacture and supply robust, ready-to-use fuel tanks for all circumstances – including fuel trailers. 

We know that not every project is created equal. Each one has its own unique requirements, whether that be fuel capacity, the size of the site, hazmat needs, and the type of equipment and phase the project is in.  With that in mind, we want to provide a guide to selecting the proper fuel trailer for you.  


Choosing the right fuel tank

Before purchasing a fuel trailer, there are some key considerations for understanding your jobsite fueling needs, such as:

    • The project – what equipment are you refueling, and what type of fuel do you need? Do you only need temporary storage? Are you looking to directly feed fuel into equipment for extended runtimes? How much fuel are you using on a weekly basis?
    • The type of site – how much space do you have for your fuel storage? How long are you there for? Is the job site easily accessible? 
    • Additional needs – are you planning to sell fuel? Will you have close proximity to the equipment you are fueling onsite? Do you need remote power options for your pump?

We’ve gone into more detail on what to consider when buying a fuel tank here, which can help you decide if a fuel trailer is really what you need. If not, we have plenty of other fuel tanks available that may be better suited to your project.


What is a fuel trailer?

A fuel trailer is a towable fuel tank on wheels designed to transport fuel on the road. They have different designs but generally consist of a tank mounted onto a trailer allowing you to transport fuel safely and securely around job sites.

There are different types of fuel trailers available. Some trailers can be kept onsite and fed into equipment directly for faster, efficient refueling, whereas others are designed for wet hosing. 

Some fuel trailers require hazmat placarding, while others do not, such as agriculture and disaster relief. But what they all have in common is that they provide a means of fuel transportation on the jobsite and highway

What is a multi-tank fuel trailer?

As we mentioned above, there are different types of fuel trailers to choose from – a multi-tank trailer being one of them. A multi-tank fuel trailer is typically made up of multiple, individually isolated tanks designed with each individual tank capacity often at less than 119 gallons for diesel fuel. This is in order to allow a driver to transport bulk diesel fuel without hazmat placarding, due to each individual tank capacity sitting below the placarding threshold.


Which fuel trailer do I need?

When it comes to finding a flexible refueling solution, there are so many options on the market that it can be tricky to know which trailer you need.

At Western Global, we offer two tanks as part of our fuel trailer range – the MultiCube and the TransCube Mobile Refueler. Each tank has various benefits and accessory options to enhance your operations, designed with security and flexibility in mind. 

However, if you’re unsure about which fuel trailer is right for your project, we’ve created this visual for quick and easy tank comparison, so you can quickly see which tank does what: MultiCube vs Mobile Refueler 

Refueling equipment with MultiCube

We’ve also looked at each trailer in more detail as part of this guide:

The MultiCube

The MultiCube is our multi-tank fuel trailer, an efficient solution for fueling on the move. This rugged and reliable trailer carries 630 gallons of diesel within six independently-isolated, 105-gallon tanks, all housed within an outer tank, providing 110% containment – something you won’t find on other multi-tank trailers. 

This means that hazmat placarding, and in most cases, CDL, is not required. This makes it ideal for fuel distributors, rental companies and construction companies that experience challenges with hazmat but need diesel across projects. This trailer is ideal for wet hosing, also referred to as fleet fueling

It also acts as a drop-and-go product in times of disaster relief. If you need your MultiCube quickly, we offer short lead times on all Western Global tanks, ensuring that you’re up and running as quickly as possible. 

To make project planning even easier, we also offer a number of pre-configured, pre-installed accessory packages to accompany your multi-tank. Whether you need last-mile delivery or are selling fuel, we can offer packages to ensure your requirements are met. Not to mention, all Western Global tanks come with an 8-year warranty, we’ve got you covered.

Learn more about the MultiCube here.

For projects that need less diesel fuel, see our FuelCube Type S. This compact, hybrid slip tank holds 119 gallons of diesel and sits in your truck bed, ready to be dropped onsite for refueling. 

TransCube Mobile Refueler 

The TransCube Mobile Refueler allows you to transport your fuel onsite and on the highway to refuel your equipment in no time. This trailer can be connected to three generators at once and is compatible with gasoline and fuel. 

The TransCube Mobile Refueler is often used on construction and agricultural projects, with many companies choosing to drop the trailer onsite for both mobile refueling and auxiliary applications. If you need to travel and transport fuel between projects, this fuel trailer might be the right fit for you.

Our TransCube Mobile Refueler meets global transport regulations, including US DOT, meaning you can take fuel where you need it, when you need it. However, you do need a CDL license and hazmat placarding to drive this trailer on public roads and highways.

Transporting your fuel comes with risks – risks that we’ve helped mitigate with our TransCube Mobile Refueler. It has everything you know and love about our TransCube Global, including the rugged build and double-walled design, on a trailer. Pumps and equipment are housed in a lockable cabinet, meaning that every element of your tank is safe and secure while on the move.


Fuel trailers from Western Global

When traveling between jobs, you’ll likely encounter some bumpy roads – but Western Global’s fuel trailers ensure a smooth journey. Our MultiCube is unlike other multi-tank trailers on the market, providing a simple refueling solution that arrives fully equipped and ready for the road. Our TransCube Mobile Refuler is the ideal solution if you’re looking to transport fuel on the highway, refuel onsite, and directly feed into equipment for extended runtimes – increasing efficiency throughout your project.

Learn more about our fuel trailers here, or speak to our team about your requirements.

MultiCube fuel trailer on a construction site

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