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Safer on-site refueling

Safety Assured Sites

Construction is a hazardous business. Using unguarded equipment and heavy machinery on rough terrain or in tight spaces requires skill. Risk of electrocution and exposure to silica dust or asbestos demands training and protection so everyone goes home safely. In fact, most construction companies will say safety is their first priority.

But sometimes, everyday risks rank lower down the list when safeguarding people. Getting seasoned roofers to wear fall arrest harnesses used to be hard, because they’d always worked at height without them. We’ve all filled gas tanks and jerry cans – so handling fuel is often seen as very low risk. But storing or dispensing it without the right care or kit can have serious consequences: EPA penalties, site shutdowns and life-changing injuries.

We’ve spent the past 60 years perfecting safe ways to transport, store and dispense fuel in the construction business.

The tanks we engineer hold their resale value well because of the way they’re designed and built. They feature longer-lasting galvanized steel frames, creating a durable and secure structure with added protection from bumps and scratches. They’re simple to deliver and move around site as their corner brackets make them liftable by crane or forklift. And when not in use, they can be stacked, two-high when filled with fuel, and three-high when empty – reducing yard space.

They’re also simple to maintain. Tanks like our TransCube Global have manway access for routine inspection and a removable inner tank for easy cleaning and maintenance. They also feature a lockable equipment cabinet that keeps spills contained, and guards against theft and damage to ports and hoses.


We’ve spent the past 60 years perfecting safe ways to transport, store and dispense fuel in the construction business. Modern cube tanks can be moved to site while filled with fuel and craned or forklifted around your project. This saves time and vehicle movements – and having distributor tankers around. We even provide a trailorized version of our tank that’s DOT highway approved. From maneuverable, compact units to high-capacity containers for bigger projects – Western Global tanks are tough and easy to transport, eliminating downtime and delays.

All our tanks are double walled with built-in weatherproof containment to prevent drips, leaks and spills. Environmentally secure fuel storage is a hot topic for the EPA, and even small incidents can mean contractors are hit with hefty fines and reputational damage. Pumps, valves and pipelines are kept safe from the weather, damage (and theft) in lockable equipment cabinets, that are simple to inspect and maintain. When they’re not in use, units like our popular TransCube Global can be safely stacked 3-high when empty, or 2-high when full of fuel.

Safe sites are productive and profitable. If you’d like to know how we can mitigate risks from fuel and improve on-site health and safety, our most popular tanks in construction can be seen and ordered here. They are available for fast shipping across North America and carry all certifications for the US and Canada.

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