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Jerry cans vs fuel tanks pros and cons

Jerry cans vs fuel tanks: why use fuel tanks as a jerry can alternative? 

Winter certainly has its impact on construction, making refuelling more of a challenge. And if you’re relying on jerry cans for your fuel storage,  it can be even more of a struggle. 

Jerry cans have been used to store fuel for many years, but they don’t quite meet the requirements of today’s working environment. They may be seen as an affordable source for fuel storage; however, due to limitations in capacities and the fact they don’t hold up well in harsh conditions, they are no longer the best solution for on-site refuelling.

Below we’ll look at the differences between jerry cans and fuel tanks, and why tanks are better suited for fuel storage.

What are jerry cans?

Jerry cans first came to be during WW2 as an all-in-one method for storing fuel. Before jerry cans, transportable fuel tanks had separate parts which you needed to carry – quite an impractical method. Jerry cans were an alternative for this. 

Generally, jerry cans have a smaller upfront cost than other fuel storage solutions. They’re used by various industries throughout the US. They have a variety of uses, from diesel to water, with different coloured tanks available to help signify their use and avoid mixing fluids. They’re usually rectangular with tapered edges and commonly made from plastic or steel. 

Bulk fuel storage – the jerry can alternative

Jerry cans have been fueling the industry for years, but that doesn’t mean they’re the ideal storage solution. Instead, fuel tanks are a far more efficient alternative. While the initial investment may be higher, they allow you to store fuel in bulk, generating greater savings in the long run. 

But the benefits continue beyond savings. Fuel tanks keep your stock safe and secure while working onsite, withstanding everything from extreme weather conditions to everyday wear and tear. They’re also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring they can be reused over and over again without minimal threat of damage or contamination.

And when it comes to Western Global, our fuel tanks go above and beyond. We’ve designed our tanks as a sustainable, cost-effective storage solution. Each tank we make has secondary containment to ensure your fuel is secure while also meeting sustainability compliance. They’re dropped onto site equipped with any chosen accessories so you can be up and running quickly. We also offer fuel management systems, adding to those cost savings and accountability. 

Jerry cans vs fuel tanks – the pros and cons

Jerry cans may seem like a reliable fuel storage solution, but fuel tanks are a strong alternative. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of fuel tanks over jerry cans. browse our product range to learn more about Western Global’s fuel tanks.

An uninterrupted fuel source

Fuel tanks unlock the power of bulk fuel storage. Teams can work uninterrupted, extending run times and ensuring time is spent on the more valuable aspects of your project. Increase efficiency and be ready for anything, especially on remote sites or in winter weather

Preparing ahead for these circumstances is crucial, and with bulk fuel tanks, you can do just that. Tougher conditions require more power, whether powering lighting towers or running heaters for longer periods. Fuel tanks are designed to keep your fuel in best condition, free from contamination and seasonal effects – this means no blackouts and better working conditions, powering through the worst with ease. 

On the other hand, Jerry cans do not provide that safety net. Storing fuel in bulk is more challenging unless you plan to store many individual jerry cans onsite. In the UK, a plastic jerry can holds 10L of fuel, while metal cans hold 20L – to stock large amounts of fuel independently onsite, you’d need a lot of cans. 

At Western Global, we offer various sizes of fuel storage – starting from 119 US Gallons to over 18,000 US Gallons.  With more than enough fuel onsite, you can work stress-free through even the  harshest conditions without worrying about losing power. 

Save time and money

The main advantage of fuel tanks compared to jerry cans is cost savings. Many opt for jerry cans as they’re more affordable upfront, but you generate even more savings in the long run when purchasing a fuel tank. 

With a storage tank you can purchase bulk fuel in advance, capitalising on lower prices – especially in winter. But you also save money by saving time. Onsite refuelling is often time-consuming; workers need to drive to and from a fuel base source l or refill offsite. A larger fuel storage unit that’s easy to access and manoeuvre means you can spend more time working on other tasks that help move projects forward. 

With Western Global, fuel tanks like our TransCube Global come ready-to-go, with chosen accessories installed. You can quickly connect to your equipment and get going, powering up to three generators and heaters simultaneously.  

Tracking your fuel

It’s hard to measure how much fuel you have when relying on jerry cans. You need to manually check your cans to gauge when to order more. If you order too late, you may pay for more fuel than you need, simply because you’re scrambling to find the fastest delivery possible. 

Fuel tanks, however, can come with fuel management systems to make tracking your fuel easier. Adding fuel management technology to your fuel tank will alert you when fuel runs low, so you can place orders for extra fuel before you hit critical levels. You can also monitor your tanks’ location and who is accessing them; unauthorised persons will no longer be able to access your stock, and with GPS tracking, you can follow your tanks while on the move. 

At Western Global, we have a variety of systems available, taking your project to the next level. Our systems are available online or through apps, monitoring your fuel 24/7.  

They make fuel a more accountable asset and ensure you’re prepared for the worst, whether protecting your business from fuel  theft or simply running empty. No more running out of fuel before the weekend and rushing to find a delivery ready for Monday. 

Reduced environmental impact

Environmental pressures are mounting for all industries, with sustainability impacting the entire supply chain, including building works. In order to minimise environmental risks, it’s important to take proactive steps to reduce impact. 

Traditional jerry cans are not the most environmentally friendly option. With jerry cans, you’re more prone to fuel leaks and spills, leading to costly shutdowns and compliance issues.  

We’ve designed our fuel tanks with safety in mind and have taken all the possible measures to keep your fuel safe and secure. Our fuel tanks offer double-walled containment, with an inner and outer wall to help keep leaks and spills contained.  Equipment and pumps are kept inside the  lockable cabinet to avoid weather damage and corrosion. Fuel tanks are much more durable than jerry cans, with a robust steel build to withstand all weather conditions. You also don’t need as many deliveries for your fuel stock, reducing your site emissions. 

Our tanks are easy to clean and maintain. The removable inner tank makes it easy to clean out excess water and other liquids.  This helps to keep your fuel as pure as possible and reduces the risk of contamination.  

And if you’re working with cleaner fuels, our tanks are designed to store green fuels, such as renewable diesel. It is part of our commitment to help customers reduce carbon emissions and work more sustainably. You can find out more about sustainability at Western Global here.  

Suitable for all environments

Creating a comfortable working environment is key to a successful, efficient project. This is especially true in seasons, like autumn and winter. 

As we have discussed,  bulk fuel storage can power lighting towers, generators and equipment throughout the winter months, but there’s much more to them than that. Fuel tanks can initially seem bulky and hard to transport, when, in fact, they are the very opposite. Our tanks are easy to manoeuvre – simply forklift onto site and transport your tank wherever you need fuel. 

Western’s  TransCube Global is one of the most reliable transportable tanks in the world  – and it’s not hard to see why. Its cube structure means that each tank can be stacked on top of each other, saving space and keeping walkways clear. This provides an extra layer of safety when lighting is limited. 

100% secure fuel storage

Fuel theft is on the rise. Jerry cans are not as secure as fuel tanks, and without management systems needed to track your fuel, opportunists may find it easier to strike. 

Our fuel management systems ensure that all fuel is accounted for, but our tanks also have  enhanced security features. Equipment is locked away safely with tamper-proof locks, and hinges are concealed from view. We can also install alarms as another precaution. 

Fuel tanks also provide you with enough power to keep your site light throughout the season, deterring thieves – they’re less likely to strike in the dark. 

There are a variety of safety measures you can also install onsite to help look after your fuel – read our tips on preventing theft here.

Fuel storage anywhere you need .

Western Global: safe and secure fuel storage tanks

Jerry cans have kept businesses up and running for years – but they no longer meet the demands of today’s working environments. Fuel tanks are now regarded as a safe and secure option for fuel storage, giving users more on-demand fuel access and site-wide freedom. 

Western Global has been supplying tanks for over 60 years, providing the fuel storage solutions that our customers need. With one of our tanks, you can be confident that you’ll experience no leaks or damages from wear and tear and that your fuel is always safe onsite. 

Our TransCube Global is renowned for its durability and reliability and is used by a variety of industries across the globe. Browse our fuel tanks here, or request a quote from our team today.

TransCube Global

A TransCube Global Fuel Tank.

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