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Helping you with environmental compliance and carbon reduction

Customers across North America rely on our unique products to deliver safe, efficient fuel storage and minimize environmental impact, often in the harshest environments.

That’s why all our tanks are double-walled, making them more secure, more durable, and thanks to our continued adoption of steel, more recyclable. This means lower leakage, no corrosion, and a long lifespan that cuts waste compared to traditional tanks.

Our cube design means they can be stacked for transportation, for fewer deliveries and lower carbon emissions. We’re proud to say we have over 80,000 double-walled tanks in the field – helping to prevent leakage from over 20-million gallons of stored fuel.

In 2021 alone, over 10% of our sales have catered for alternative fuel storage.

We’re also focused on helping our customers embrace a cleaner, greener fuel usage, by developing storage solutions for the next generation of commercial fuels, including renewable diesel, that can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 85%. In 2021 alone, over 10% of our sales have catered for alternative fuel storage.

As a company, we’re also adopting new initiatives to reduce waste, using recycled materials for our secure packaging, cutting the amount of plastic wrap we use for the 10,000+ products we manufacture each year. We’ve cut carbon emissions by fitting low-energy lighting in some of our facilities and will soon adopt it in our other sites. 

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