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How Sustainability Fuels Our United States Market

The safe storage of fuel in an environmentally secure has always been critical for temporary power applications, remote worksites and heavy industries with the risk of contamination regularly costing in excess of $100k and causing severe reputational damage. In the last few years, we have also seen an increasing number of our customers looking for renewable fuel options that they can use with their existing equipment and fuel storage tanks to reduce their carbon emissions and store fuel securely to make a difference today.

The most secure way to store fuel in environmentally sensitive areas

A fuel leak can cost many thousands of dollars and cause irreparable reputational damage. Why take the risk? Our fuel tanks are all double-walled to reduce the chances of leaks, making them compliant with codes including UL142, UL2085 and other local state and county regulations. This means our tanks do not require additional containment pans that cause you hassle, cost you money and suck up your time. Our tanks are designed so the pumps are stored and operate within the containment, which reduces the chance of a leaking pump causing you an issue. But don’t take our word for it –listen to what our customers say in these videos.

We estimate that every day over 20 million gallons of fuel is stored in our tanks, and we are making 70,000 worksites more environmentally secure every day.

Supporting clean fuel storage

Did you know that in 2021 25% of all diesel used in California is now renewable diesel or biofuels? With the demand for renewable diesel increasing rapidly across North America and many companies demanding renewable diesel as a direct replacement for fossil diesel, we are supporting our customer’s switch to cleaner fuels by offering ready to go transportable storage tanks for renewable diesel. These next-generation fuels, including renewable diesel, can reduce carbon emissions by up to 85% and reduce particle emissions by 50%.

Our Impact

At Western Global, we are proud to support communities when they need it most. Our mobile fuel storage tanks are the go-to choice for securing fuel securely in the harshest and testing environments when performance is critical. We are also proud of how we make a positive impact more locally through involvement with local charities, making sustainable purchasing decisions (through the adoption of green energy at our own sites.

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