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Day in the Life of a Fuel Distributor 

Q&A with Marchetti Commercial Fuels Inc.

To get an idea of how our tanks are performing in the world of fuel distribution, we spent an afternoon on the road with Anthony Marchetti, owner of Marchetti Commercial Fuels Inc., a fuel delivery service offering on-site fueling, fleet, and bulk deliveries across all of Massachusetts. 


WG: Hey Anthony! First, could you tell us a bit about the day-to-day operations at Marchetti Fuels?

Anthony: Sure! At Marchetti Commercial Fuels, we start each day with the same goal: to satisfy the customer. It can be trying, but it’s always our goal. From fleets of heavy equipment to fishing vessels and truck fleets, our job is to ensure our customers are fueled and ready to work.

WG: What industries do you work with? 

Anthony: We service all types of companies and industries that need a fueling service, from the working fishing vessel to the largest land movers, general transportation, or hauling companies.

WG: And why do you offer on-site fueling of tanks as part of your business?

Anthony: With the addition of fuel cells to our daily on-site fuel delivery service, we’ve ensured that our customers can avoid runouts when we cannot be there. It gives them total peace of mind. Long shifts often push equipment into the red on fuel before our delivery trucks show up. Smaller operations may not meet our company’s minimum delivery, so our customers can save on not having to pay minimum delivery fees with on-site fuel tanks. 

"Western Global tanks have effortless maneuverability – thanks to their 4-way forklift pockets,  corner brackets, and square shape."

WG: Why did you choose Western Global tanks over other choices out there?

Anthony: Western Global tanks have effortless maneuverability – thanks to their 2-way forklift pockets,  corner brackets, and square shape. This adaptability and transportability is by far my favorite characteristic of the fuel tank. We also like how you can store the general maintenance equipment within the container, keeping pumps and hoses safe at all times. 

WG: And finally, how have Western Global tanks contributed to your business success?

Anthony: It’s home base storage. Delivery and loading is as simple and efficient as can be with the 4-part pick-up system, while the secure location of pumps and hoses fends off vandals and thieves. Our customers love them too. Year after year, we have to stock up on more and more FuelCubes to meet demand. 

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