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Improve Fleet Efficiency

Fuel expenses are usually one of the highest overheads that need managing. In summer of 2023, fuel prices surged and hit many businesses hard. The increase in fuel prices and the rising cost of living means more budgeting and cutting costs. Fleet Managers are no exception and are looking for new ways to decrease the operating expenses of fleet management and fuel costs whenever possible.

That’s where we can help. Did you know onsite fuel tanks are a cost-saving solution that can improve fuel efficiency and increase productivity? In this guide we’re exploring how budgeting can help reduce fleet fuel costs.

How does the right fuel storage reduce fleet costs?

Fuel can be a headache when it comes to fleet management, but with enough planning it can be a less-exhaustive expense and a key way to improve fleet efficiency. Here’s why fuel tanks should be part of a fleet manager’s budget.

1. Increase productivity and reduce labor costs

Refueling is a time-consuming and costly experience, especially if you have a large fleet to manage. Fuel tanks eliminate the need for regular refueling trips, meaning less time refueling and more time getting the job done.

2. Save on fuel prices with onsite fuel tanks

An onsite fuel storage system allows you to buy fuel in bulk, which gets you a lower price and will enable you to use the fuel when and wherever you need it.

3. Protect the environment, avoid harmful spills and prevent nasty bills

Fuel spillages are harmful to the environment and incur expensive fines. Therefore, Fleet Managers should do everything they can to eliminate environmental risk.

Customers rely on our fuel tanks to minimize environmental impact and avoid fuel leaks.

That’s why our tanks are double-walled, with a built-in weatherproof secondary containment and cabinet design. Our durable design ensures fuel is kept safe and secure, even in extreme conditions. To see how strong our fuel tanks are, check out our extreme fuel tank tests.

4. Take back fuel control by adding fuel management to your tanks.

A fuel management system analyzes every drop of fuel, meaning you can identify areas where you can save and make proactive changes to improve fuel efficiency. You will also be able to access real-time reporting to ensure you never run out of fuel, preventing downtime associated with fuel deliveries.

Ready to enhance your fleet management and reduce fuel costs?

A well-planned and budgeted program will work out cheaper in the long run. And now is a great time to review your plans for the year ahead. If your business relies heavily on fuel, an onsite fuel tank will be an investment that will reduce fleet costs and save you a lot of money in the future.

Do you need help expanding your fleet? Whatever your fuel tank needs, we’re ready to help.


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