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Event ready fuel tanks

Fuel tanks are an essential piece of equipment for the events industry, even if they’re not the first thing planners think of. But without enough power readily available onsite, you could experience power outages, food hygiene issues and put the safety of attendees at risk.

Our fuel storage solutions are easy to install and manoeuvre while also taking up minimal space, ideal for events of all sizes.  We’ve broken down the types of events our fuel tanks can power and the difference they can make for your event.


Temporary fuel storage solutions for the events industry

Fuel tanks are often overlooked when it comes to events, yet they play an essential role in seamless and uninterrupted power. Without power, there is no event. 

Lighting, sound equipment, catering and heating rely on a constant power source to keep things running smoothly and help create a memorable event for attendees. Without a reliable source of fuel, costly and vital disruptions can occur. That’s where fuel tanks come in. 

Fuel tanks like the TransCube Global is easily transportable from one location to another. You can move the tank wherever you need it, whether refuelling generators, powering equipment or heating a tent. The tank is also designed to extend equipment run times and takes up minimal space on site, ideal for event management.


Fuel tanks for events and shows

You’ll often find fuel tanks at events that require a lot of power, such as exhibitions, festivals, sporting events, and film sets. They can power anything from lighting and sound systems to food trucks and other equipment, brightening your event and make the day one to remember.

The type of tank you’ll need will vary, depending on your requirements. No two events are alike, and so we’ll work with you to choose the right fuel tank and drop it onsite when and where you need it.

Outdoor festivals and sporting events

Outdoor events, such as festivals and sports games, are often held in locations with little access to electricity. In such cases, fuel tanks paired with generators are essential for powering lighting, sound, systems, and other electrical equipment needed.

These events usually involve a large number of people, and if a power outage occurred, the event could be brought to a stand-still. This would raise health and safety concerns as well as  incurring costs and losses. Pairing a generator with a fuel tank is a reliable and efficient way to keep the entertainment flowing.

At Western, we offer a range of fuel tanks for outdoor events that work alongside generators for events of all sizes, ensuring continuous power, even when the unpredictable strikes.


Exhibitors showcase their products or services to potential clients – and you can’t show off these products in the dark. These events usually involve projectors, lights, and speakers, all requiring constant power to reduce disruption. A fuel tank ensures that all performances can go ahead as planned and put your exhibitors in the best possible light.

Food events

Keeping food at safe temperatures is crucial throughout an event – especially if that event lasts several hours or even days. If a power outage strikes, a reliable backup power solution ensures food is kept safe, preventing foodborne illnesses. These are dangerous for guests, but will also damage the event’s reputation and the vendors involved. It can also have high-cost implications caused by food waste and trade loss.

Discover how TransCube fuel tanks helped power Cheltenham festival here.

Stay safe and sound with fuel tanks

Safety at events is a top priority. Whether organising a music festival, a corporate conference or a sports event, numerous safety precautions must be considered. There are several measures to ensure the safety of everyone on site, including your attendees and staff. One of the most essential safety measures is to have reliable power on-site. 

A backup power solution helps avoid disruptions and ensures everyone stays safe. Here are a few reasons why: 

Power outages

Power outages can happen at any time, and can be dangerous when hundreds or even thousands of people gather in one place. Without power, you won’t be able to provide lighting, air conditioning or other essential services, which can lead to panic, injuries and even fatalities. Connecting a fuel tank to a generator on-site ensures that you have a safe and reliable back up power source.

Environmental concerns

Events can significantly impact the environment – especially if they generate a lot of waste. A significant environmental concern is using fossil fuel to power an event. Western Global fuel tanks are 110% bunded, and built to withstand extreme conditions, keeping fuel safely stored inside the tank, preventing leaks and spills that can harm the environment.

“At Western Global, we are committed to our development in the sustainability space – reducing environmental risks and sustainability is at the heart of what we do as a business” (Clem Connor, CEO).

At Western, we are committed to helping customers reduce their carbon emissions by prioritising the use of cleaner liquid fuels. All our storage tanks are suitable for storing Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) and other next-generation liquids, which can help customers reduce their carbon emissions by as much as 90% compared to traditional fuel. Learn more about sustainability at Western Global.


Emergencies can happen at any time, and being prepared is essential. Fuel tanks can power emergency equipment, such as lighting and medical equipment. This can be particularly important if an event is held in a remote location where emergency services may take time to arrive.

A reliable backup power supply ensures that emergency equipment is powered at all times, providing peace of mind.

Get event ready with Western Global fuel tanks

Whether you’re planning your next event or a rental company stocking up for season, now is a great time to check you have a reliable fuel supply for your equipment.

At Western Global, we offer a range of transportable, environmentally secure fuel storage tanks that work with various fuels, including HVO and biodiesel. So you can be sure you’re investing in a reliable and sustainable power source.

Contact us today to learn more about our fuel tanks and how they can help you put on a great event!

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