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Poly Water Bowser - Do's and Don'ts

The do's and don'ts of water bowser maintenance

Water bowsers are beneficial for your site in a number of ways – but only if they’re used correctly. You want to keep your bowser in top shape to really make the most of it. Water tanks can be prone to bacteria or ice growth, so it’s important to look after your tank and ensure you always have a fresh supply of water on site.

Keep reading for our tips on maintaining your water bowser, or watch our video to see our advise in action.

What is a water bowser?

A water bowser is ideal for safely storing and transporting water on site. Water bowsers can come in various sizes, with pumps and accessories available, depending on your needs.

Western Global water storage

The Poly tank is Western Global’s multi-use water bowser trailer and is available in sizes from 500 to 2,700 litres. Our Poly water bowsers often supply clean water at events, suppressing dust on construction sites and cleaning equipment onsite.

Learn about our portable water bowser’s uses and how the tank can support your water storage and transport needs here: Western Global Water Bowsers 

Already using a Poly Water Bowser?

Get the most out of your Poly water bowser. Take a look at our Poly do’s and don’ts video

Our Poly water bowser will keep both your site and equipment clean. Keep your bowser in prime condition by following our maintenance tips below.

Always use clean water

Only fill up the bowser with clean water. Do not use dirty or contaminated water, as it can damage the pump and equipment. It should also be noted that only water can be used in your bowser. Tanks should be filled with the liquids they are intended for, to avoid cross contamination. This applies to your Poly water bowser.

Our Poly water bowser comes with a temper-proof padlock to help keep the contents of you tank clean.

Clear the lance after use

After using the Poly washer, close the valve and clear the lance to release the pressure. This removes water from the system and prevents ice blockages in the pipes.

Our Western Global tanks feature accessible cleaning hatches – including our water bowser. This makes the overall cleaning and maintenance process easier to sort.

Drain the Poly water bowser

Empty the Poly bowser at the end of everyday – this prevents water from freezing inside the tank.

Towing a water bowser

Moving your bowser around site

Don’t pull it by the lance if you need to move the unit- this can damage the equipment. Instead, place the lance back in the bazuca and tow the unit safely where you need it.

Check oil levels daily

Remember to check your oil levels daily to avoid damaging the equipment.

Poly water bowser maintenance from Western Global

We hope you found our short water bowser video helpful. At Western Global, we pride ourselves on helping sites become more efficient, reducing costs and downtime. Our bowsers allow you to keep your site and equipment clean and in working order, without needing to travel back to your facility to do so.

Please get in touch with our expert team if you have any questions about storing and transporting water.

 Read more about our Poly bowser trailer and dust suppression accessories.  

Did you know we sell drinking water approved Poly tanks?

Our drinking water bowser is ideal in emergency circumstances, when clean water is unavailable.

Ask us about our drinking water bowser

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