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Reliable Back-up: Generator Solutions

Running A Commercial Generator For Longer: Generator Fuel Tanks

Generators are great for keeping your business up and running – until the power goes out. Without enough fuel stock, your site can be easily impacted during challenging circumstances, causing more shutdowns or downtime as you wait for deliveries.

For a constant, reliable source of power, you need fuel – and a lot of it. While you never really know what’s going to happen, it’s always best to consider your fuel storage needs as early as possible. Preparing for the worst will mean you can keep going during emergencies.

To increase the run time of your generators and generate cost savings, extended run fuel tanks are key.

Increasing the run time of commercial generators

Extended run times are the number one reason to prioritize bulk fuel storage on-site. With more fuel stored securely on site you minimize shutdowns, and protect yourself from circumstances beyond your control.

Fuel storage tanks like our tough portable TransCube are the most efficient and easily deployable solution in critical, emergency operations. They also keep the power live at some of your favorite entertainment venues. They’re user-friendly to operate and maintain – even with lower-skill local labor in the wake of a natural disaster. For more mobile applications, TransCube Global tanks are engineered to operate seamlessly in extreme weather conditions and are fully transportable, even when filled with fuel.

By not waiting for fuel deliveries, or risking downtime from running dry, the TransCube can extend continuous operation from 24-hours to seven days. They’re fully transportable (even filled with fuel) and larger units can connect to up to four generators simultaneously. Each mobile unit has pumps and accessories pre-installed, so it’s a plug-and-play solution, even on hard-to-access sites, ready to get to work immediately without specialist training.

How to keep a commercial generator running for longer

Generators and equipment with long run times consume a lot of fuel – this can be expensive and impractical to replenish on a frequent basis. It’s important to keep on top of fuel stock and have a bulk supply that’s refuel ready when you need it most.

This is where bulk fuel storage comes in, providing that extra bit of security you need when working on remote sites. Keeping an external extended run fuel tank on site means becoming less reliant on external suppliers, making generator refueling a simpler, easier task.

How does an extended fuel tank work with a generator?

Extended run fuel tanks act as a reliable backup for commercial generators, storing fuel ready to pump into the generator as soon as it’s needed.

Western Global manufactures and stocks the world’s most popular and versatile generator fuel tanks, providing backup power and keeping kit running non-stop. They’re relied on to keep sites across America from running dry, from emergency response to construction sites to entertainment businesses.

Our fuel storage solutions are able to power generators in the most challenging environments on the planet. They provide ultra-reliable backup and temporary power to short and long-term projects – remote and rural. There’s a broad range of capacities and their modular design means they can be linked to offer unlimited volume.

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Why Western Global fuel tanks are best at powering generators for longer

When storing large amounts of fuel, health and safety is an essential consideration. All of our products meet fuel tank requirements so you can keep your generator running while maintaining a safety culture onsite. Our tanks are compliant with UL142 – the recognised standard for safety for above-ground tanks -, meaning that you can trust Western Global to provide safe, reliable fuel storage on-site. Read more about UL142 and UL2085.

One of the main issues with fuel storage is space, which plays a huge role in the amount of fuel you can keep onsite. This can overlap into building codes and environmental regulations. You need to ensure that fuel can be stored compliantly and safely pumped to the generator, as well as being safely moved on site. Our TransCube Global tanks are stackable – two when full, three when empty.

Our generator tanks offer next-level environmental security against leaks and spills, with 110% double walled containment. With the widest global approvals in place, they’re ideal in fragile or sensitive ecological environments, too, guarding you and your reputation against drips, leaks or spills.

At Western Global, we engineered a flexible fuel tank design that can expand or downsize storage capacity throughout different life stages of a project. Our fuel tanks are flexible, versatile and efficient, with a tank available for every kind of project. They’re also easily relocatable, which makes them first choice in emergency operations.

Emergency generator fuel tank requirements

Ensuring you have enough fuel to stay up and running can take advanced planning, but this isn’t always possible. We’ve had plenty of experience helping organisations overcome some of the most extreme situations, from harsh winter months to flooding and typhoons, with emergency generator refueling.

One example took us to the Philippines, where, following natural disasters, emergency hospitals were set up in mountainous jungles. When the Philippine Army approached us for help, we jumped straight in and delivered 38 TransCubes to support the hard working teams.

Having quickly delivered the tanks (the army used the initial 4,500 liter units), we then supplied a further 25 for extra emergency power support.

Read more about our emergency generator refueling for jungle hospitals here.

How to make a commercial generator last longer with Western Global

Experience shorter downtimes and a long-term energy source with a generator fuel tank. Our tanks ensure you can run your generators for long periods of time, no matter the situation. We help to fuel back-up generators for temporary hospitals and healthcare during natural disasters, such as remote jungle hospitals and typhoon recovery.  

Most common fuel tank applications are available for fast delivery worldwide, and where something a bit out of the ordinary is needed, our in-house engineering team is ready to provide the solution. Our market-leading Transcube tank has a cubed, stackable design, and can be precisely forklifted and easily maneuvered. For smaller, logistically-challenging worksites, it’s a real space saving fuel storage solution. 

Find out more about fuel tanks for generators, or contact us to help find your fuel storage solution.

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