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Ready to refuel, with America’s #1 transportable fuel tank

TransCube is the most reliable, flexible and transportable range of storage tanks in the world.

Western Global’s TransCube range is designed to move and dispense fuel precisely when and where you need it. Our transportable fuel tanks are trusted across the US by fuel distributors, construction workers and even the military. Consistent energy onsite is vital, and fuel tanks don’t matter… until they do.

Fully transportable Fuel Storage Tanks from Western Global

The TransCube range of world-renowned transportable fuel tanks has been designed to meet the most demanding scenarios whilst remaining fully portable. We know how important it is to be able to safely and securely move and dispense fuel quickly to exactly where it is required. 

If you are operating on a remote work site with limited access, you need a fully transportable fuel tank that you can rely on. At Western Global, we’ve designed our TransCube tanks to overcome the logistical challenges of the most challenging construction sites

Each TransCube tank features four corner brackets making it easily liftable by crane. This allows you to quickly and precisely position our fuel tanks on site exactly where you need them. These corner brackets also allow our tanks to be stacked (up to three high when empty, two when full) for convenience. The frame of the tank is galvanised making it durable and able to withstand bumps and scratches. As well as crane-ready corner lifting brackets, each tank has four way forklift pockets. These allow you to easily manoeuvre the tank from all sides with a forklift, providing maximum mobility to make your site function efficiently. 

With any transportable fuel tank, it’s essential that it can be moved safely and securely even when full of fuel. That’s why the TransCube range also features internal baffles to provide maximum stability when moving these fuel tanks.        

You can also transport your fuel worry free on highways and freeways with TransCube Global tanks as these units meet multiple worldwide transport regulations including being US DOT certified to be transportable when full of fuel. Move fuel safely and maintain full compliance anywhere you need it at anytime.

Get more information on Western Global portable fuel tanks – TransCube Global.

Transportable tanks that extend your run time

With its DOT approved, fully transportable design and ability to fuel 3 pieces of equipment simultaneously, the TransCube can take your runtime from 24-hours to 7 days. It also means you’re not reliant on suppliers to drop fuel, so you can stay on track and on top of operations. Something that is critical when CDL driver shortages occur.

Safe and secure transportable fuel storage

We know what it’s like to work on limited-access sites. That’s why we’ve designed these tough tanks to be safely lifted by crane or forklift to keep your kit running, in places no tanker or traditional trailer can.

With its DOT approved, fully transportable design and ability to fuel 3 pieces of equipment simultaneously, the TransCube can take your runtime from 24-hours to 7 days.

Customers tell us they choose TransCube because of its unique features. Built-in, weatherproof secondary containment eliminates the need for pans or basins. And the removable inner tank makes routine cleaning, maintenance and inspection simple.

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These transportable tanks are available for fast delivery across the US and Canada, in a choice of six capacities, from 125 to 1,144 US gallons. There’s even a trailerized version designed to be towed to machinery, vehicles and generators, for even faster mobile refueling.

As regulations get tougher, we’ll all be relying less on single skinned tanks and wet-hosing, opting for environmentally secure fuel storage like the world-beating TransCube, reducing risk to workers and wildlife. Learn more about picking your perfect portable fuel tank today or purchase a TransCube online.

Design approvals: UL142, CAN/ULC-S601, US DOT, UN-IBC, TRANSPORT CANADA, NFPA30

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