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If you’ve ever had to move fuel between sites or transport it on the highway, you’ll know all about the issues of risk and compliance. We devised the TransCube mobile refueler specifically with these in mind.

It’s a dependable mobile fuel tank, that gives you an environmentally secure way to refuel machinery and equipment on the move.

As one of North America’s best mobile refuelers, it’s designed to be towed to machinery, vehicles and generators for fast mobile fuel delivery, and provide you with secure on-site storage. It’s proven in construction and power generation, and popular in the rental market across North America. 

Once towed to site, it can be located anywhere (even where there’s limited access) by crane or forklift using its four-way lift pockets.

Mounted on a type-approved trailer, the double-walled tank contains baffles to maximize stability on the highway, while the removable inner section makes cleaning and routine inspection a breeze. This clever secondary containment eliminates the need for basins. Each trailer is fitted with specified lighting, under-gear, and a large, lockable equipment cabinet, ensuring equipment is secure and any drips or spills are contained.

Once towed to site, it can be placed anywhere (even where there’s limited access) by crane or forklift using its four-way lift pockets. Having your own refueler on site avoids regular fuel deliveries or running dry, saving time, cost and manpower. A single TransCube mobile refueler can supply three generators, extending their run time or providing backup power.

It meets transport regulations globally and is US DOT compliant. It’s perfect when you need to travel between auxiliary equipment or work on road sites. It’s the simplest route to safe transportation, ensuring fuel is always ready, whenever and wherever it’s required.

These rugged and reliable mobile refuelers are available for fast delivery in the US and Canada in five capacities, from 251 to 1,204 US gallons.

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