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Q&A with Alex Schmantowsky  

We sat down with Alex Schmantowsky, Field Product Specialist at Western Global to learn more about what makes him tick. From breaking down his duties within the company to walking us through his vintage car hobby, Alex gives you a glimpse into day-to-day life at Western Global.

WG: Hi Alex! To kick things off, can you describe what you do at Western Global in one sentence?

Alex: I introduce and educate those in the field to Western Global products, so we’re always first in mind for their fuel storage needs.

WG: What’s the most interesting thing you’re working on for Western Global now?

Alex: DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). Stay tuned – we’ve got some cool things in the works.

WG: You started as a Technical Sales Support Rep before becoming a Field Product Specialist for Western Global. How has your experience changed since taking on your current role? 

Alex: The Technical Sales Support Rep role was much more reactive. My duty was to resolve any post-sale questions as they came through and advise the team on how to meet customer needs. It was a gratifying position and prepared me well for future roles. 

Now I’m in much more of a plan and execute situation. I have expectations to meet and can go about them in creative ways. My goal is to get in front of as many companies and individuals as possible to deliver the value proposition of Western Global’s products in a way that gets them excited. Our sales team then takes it from there. 

Through my role as a Field Product Specialist, I’ve visited some cool job sites, met interesting people, and gathered valuable field knowledge. Currently, I’m off the road with one focus – DEF. 

"You’re not just getting a product – you’re getting a team of problem solvers and many added layers of support by your side. We are ready-makers through and through."

WG: How has your work with Western Global changed since moving from the Troy site in Michigan to Charlotte, North Carolina?

Alex: It’s been awesome in Charlotte. I really enjoyed my time in Troy and have a lot of respect for everyone that keeps it running like a well-oiled machine. But having a hand in breaking in the new office, working with our ever-growing team, and helping wherever I can has continued to push me to grow as an individual and become a stronger team member. It’s been a blast getting to know everyone down here. Plus, the weather is great, too!

WG: What is it that makes Western Global products so popular with our customers?

Alex: Firstly, we offer the most user-friendly, thoroughly thought-through storage solution on the market without over-complicating anything. Simple solutions to complex problems, if you will. 

Secondly, our solutions are proven time and time again. You’re not just getting a product – you’re getting a team of problem solvers and many added layers of support by your side. We are ready-makers through and through.

WG: What’s your favorite product in the Western Global range, and why?

Alex: The 20TCG. It has a compact footprint, is designed to keep people and our environment safe, and is extremely adaptable and durable. This tank will meet the needs of 90% or more of our customers. With industry-leading mobility, the logistics of on-site fueling have never been more straightforward.

Favorite Product

20TCG - TransCube Global

WG: How do you think transportable fuel storage can help businesses reach their ESG goals in the future?

Alex: This is a no-brainer. I’ll break it down for you.

From an environmental point of view, we can help customers drastically reduce pollution with our water-tight design, which means no more contaminated spill basins. Our tanks also eliminate contaminated soil through our innovative equipment cabinet within a containment. And finally, our recyclable carbon steel construction. Once our product has ended its working life (which can take decades), it can be recycled into something new again. 

Socially, the cleanliness and safety of our solutions make for better work environments for site foremen and contractors of all sorts, as well as reducing on-site traffic. 

And in terms of governance, we represent a top-notch organization with strong morals at our core. So, when you purchase one of our products, you can do so with total peace of mind. 

WG: Alex, you’ve been at Western Global for over four years. Do you have any particularly fond memories of your time with the team? 

Alex: We took a trip to the Naval Research Facility in Idaho to oversee the installation of two of our E-series tanks. It’s the site of the very first nuclear propulsion reactor in history, which was pretty interesting.

Another memorable occasion was working through Covid in 2020 to ensure all our large tank projects shipped out of Troy in a timely and well-executed manner. It allowed me to get more involved than ever. 

I’ve also loved experiencing the organization from shop floor to end user – it’s given me a broad view of what we do and how all parts of the team function. 

Above all, I’ve built some incredible friendships through Western Global. I do not doubt that these will stand the test of time.

"I’ve built some incredible friendships through Western Global. I do not doubt that these will stand the test of time."

WG: Western Global was recently recognized as a Great Place to Work – a big achievement for the team’s company culture. What do you think makes Western Global such a great place to work?  

Alex: It’s a team effort around here. Everyone works together to accomplish our goals and is genuinely passionate about our work. It’s a culture in its own terms. 

WG: Can you tell us a little about your life outside Western Global? When you’re not advising customers about tanks, you’re… 

Alex: Lifting weights. It helps me decompress, and I like to be the strongest I can be in mind and body. Looking to bench press 450lbs within the next year. 

I also wrench on vintage cars. Since I’m no longer on the shop floor, it’s gratifying to take something old and make it new again while incorporating modern technology. I’m currently building a 1954 Mercedes-Benz W187 chassis car. It’s one of 10-15 left in the world, to my knowledge. I’m installing a 1998 OM606 turbodiesel with roughly 400HP while keeping the appearance factory correct. 

Finally, I love to get outdoors – camping, fishing, or riding offroad motorcycles. 


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