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Building Bridges


In this video, Mike Anzaldo, equipment coordinator on the New Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge, explains how they’ve been saving $5,000 a month by using Western Global tanks to guarantee clean, uninterrupted fuel.

The old 1950s swing bridge spanning the Anacostia River was years beyond its useful life, and South Capitol Bridgebuilders won the design and build contract to engineer the new span. Mike and his team have been on the $450-million construction project for around 4-years. It’s the largest of its kind in DC’s history. Keeping 1,300 workers and equipment on the move demands constant refueling – and operating across such an environmentally sensitive, waterside site means safety and security are paramount.

"Having tanks on-site we roughly save about $5000 per month"

Mike’s team used to fuel up their own truck as they were more familiar with the complex bridge site than external contractors. But this meant spending a lot of wasted hours in heavy DC traffic at fill time. Having total control of secure tanks, ready to go 24/7, has delivered efficiencies. He’s calculated that they save around $5,000 a month by using flexible, transportable cube tanks, while minimizing the risk of leaks or spills.

People gathered on Labor Day in September 2021 to celebrate the opening of the new bridge, with South Capital Bridgebuilders hosting a 5K run.

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