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Tactical fuel deployment in austere environments

Western Global are proud to manufacture a range of military fuel tanks to meet your mission-needs, ensuring secure energy is always ready where you want it, when you need it. We offer superior solutions for transporting and storing POL (petroleum, oil and lubricants) with systems suitable for MOGAS, diesel fuel (DF2), Jet A1 and JP8.

Our Military Fuel Containers

The Western Global range of military fuel tanks include auxiliary fuel tanks for extended runtime and refueling equipment alongside:

Bulk fuel transfer and recirculation

Pumps, telemetry, and retail fuel dispensers

Hi-spec linings and filtration for aviation



251 - 1,200 GALLONS

Transportable, environmentally secure and robust fuel tank for on-site refueling and auxiliary supply. TransCube Tactical is designed to be coupled with power generators to extend run times whilst being able to refuel other equipment simultaneously.These SCATs (secondary contained above-ground tanks) are proven in all weathers and in the most austere expeditionary and deployed environments. Without the need for installation, they are ideal for forward locations including forward-operating bases (FOBs) and Forward Arming and Refuelling Points (FARPs).

Replacing jerry cans and traditional fuel storage solutions, TransCube Tactical represents genuine innovation in the military market. Each tank requires no ground preparation, allows for the accurate tracking of the fuel inventory with a contents gauge, and is integrally double walled removing the risk of leakage and contamination. With a stainless steel inner tank, any fuel type can be stored and fuel particulate impurity is minimised, essential requirements for Defense. Transportable when full of fuel by road, there’s no need to drain down to move your fuel to where it’s needed. The Transcube Tacical is ideal for when space is at a premium.


Can be transported filled, and moved via forklift pockets and corner brackets.


Built-in, weatherproof 110% secondary containment eliminates the need for drip trays.


To maintain fuel purity, including contaminant-free Jet A-1 and JP8 jet propellants.

Military fuel trailer

TransCube Tactical tanks are easily forklifted or craned to where they’re needed but are also available as a trailer mounted mobile refueler, an agile and multimodal fuel solution for use in challenging environments.

Military fuel trailer

The TransCube Mobile Refueler is designed to be towed to machinery vehicles and generators and this fuel trailer provides fast mobile refueling, as well as secure on-site storage.


Camp fuel, heaters, coolers, generators and equipment.

Continuous supply to three generators while refueling another asset.

Transported on-road and off-road.




20ft ISO container tank with CSC (International Convention for Safe Containers) approvals for the bulk transfer and emergency supply of fuel when and where you need it up to the last tactical mile. It features an onboard retail dispensing pump with discharge hose and automatic nozzle.

TransTank Tactical is a highly approved and certified bulk fuel tank, featuring an internal cylindrical tank design that means it can be transported full of fuel by road (ADR-approved in the EU & DOT in USA), rail (RID-approved) or sea (IMDG-approved). It is approved as a shipping container so can be used on commercial shipping lines.


Built-in, weatherproof 110% secondary containment eliminates the need for drip trays.


Equipment and ports are secure and spills are contained to ensure fuel cleanliness and longevity.


Can be transported filled, and moved via forklift pockets and corner brackets.

Military bulk fuel tank

TransTank Tactical is a bulk military fuel tank for defense missions.

With a capacity of 5,000 gallons, it will dramatically improve efficiency in FOBs (forward-operating bases) and FARPs (Forward Arming and Refuelling Points).


Extending generator runtime, bulk transport and vehicle refueling.

Fully transportable, 110% secondary containment, double walled construction.

Replaces bladder tanks and jerry cans.

Designed for POL (petroleum, oil and lubricants) – suitable for MOGAS, diesel fuel (DF2), Jet A1 and JP8.



5,917 - 14,226 GALLONS

Containerized fuel tank for expeditionary deployment and supporting operations with simultaneous bulk and retail dispensing capability. It ensures fuel can be delivered in volume to support generators, heaters, vehicles and other operational assets. The M-Series is interoperable with US and NATO fuel equipment, and has a design life in excess of 15 years.

With minimal site setup required, the M-Series allows for rapid deployment. Without the need for a concrete pad, installation is quick and easy, ideal when operating in host nations that don’t allow for permanent infrastructure.

Scalable solution

Scalable solution with linking equirement to cater to your requirements.


Built-in, weatherproof 110% secondary containment eliminates the need for drip trays.


Replaces bladder tanks and jerry cans, for operational efficiency, safety and security, as all equipment fits inside the cabinet.

FULly Scalable Military Fuel Farms

Each fuel tank can be linked together with flexible or fixed linking kits to create fuel farms that are easy to scale up or down. The modular design means that the M-Series is capable of providing millions of gallons of secure fuel storage, if required.

Western Global provide all components of fuel farms from Bulk Fuel Transfer (BFT) to Fuel Water Separator Coalescer and Twin Retail dispensing skid.

In addition, we also supply power generators, lighting towers, spill kits; fire extinguisher; spill berms and storage modules.


Bulk and retail dispensing tanks that can be linked to create a fuel farm.

Rugged, hard shell construction to replace soft walled bladder tanks.

Direct replacement for bladder tanks in FARP operations.

Suitable for JP8, aviation fuel, diesel fuel and MOGAS.


DUNS Number: 790231349


TAA Compliant manufactured in Europe and North America

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