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Mobilized contained fuel to the field


Used non-transportable, round tanks; therefore, unable to mobilize into the field with fuel. As part of the solution, Western Global provided an innovative manifolded linking system to link the tanks, which required additional spill containment to be set-up.

When deploying a power plant to the field, fuel delivery had to coincide and often times they are unable to receive fuel for days, even weeks.


WG has provided 60+ of our TCT500s to the USACE, spread across three Companys (A,B and C Company). It provided each AMMPS generator kit with 2500 usg, 7 days of immediate supply. With stackable tanks that reduced their storage footprint. Also includes a linking kit, allowing the tanks to draw down evenly.


AUGUST 2022 | Initial order of 45x TCT500s

AUGUST 2023 | Second order of 15x TCT500s


Western Global provided a transportable, easy to operate, turn-key solution for their fuel storage requirement, allowing them to bring fuel immediately to the field, along with reducing their set-up time.


“Alpha Company just brought our Transcubes to the field for their first test in a training environment. They are great! What makes them so special is 1) the secondary containment, 2) easily transportable, and 3) the one pump we added for every 5 Transcubes makes things easier”.

PMP Commander
US Army Corps of Engineers

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