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Win Your Customers Over with Convenience

How little time-savers for your customers add to your bottom line

Here’s a riddle for you: what can you sell in your store that you never have to stock, reorder, or inventory?

The answer: Convenience.

It’s no secret that consumers today, particularly American consumers, are taxed for their time. Add up the hours commuting, working, attending their children’s activities, tending to chores at home, plus trying to keep a social life for themselves, and you get a large group of people willing to pay money to get back some of their precious time.

One reason fast food chains exploded across the American landscape is because they sell convenience. Working families didn’t have the time or desire to finish an 8+ hour shift only to go home and cook, so they flocked to drive-thru’s for cheap and convenient takeaways.

Amazon took it further by proving customers are willing to pay upfront for convenience with its Prime membership program – pay to be a Prime member, get free two-day shipping on nearly anything when you need it. Then grocery stores caught on and started offering curbside pickups – pay a small fee and save the time it would have taken to find a parking spot, navigate the aisles, and wait in a check-out lane.

In the retail landscape, there are clear winners who noticed this trend and became convenience pioneers and losers who failed to adapt to their customer needs and paid dearly as a result. One shining example: Netflix and Blockbuster.

And now it’s time for the rental industry to take note – your customers will pay for convenience; can you afford not to sell it?

Rental companies can start by offering fuel tanks alongside their current product lines. Offering transportable fuel tanks to customers already renting diesel-reliant heavy machinery means they won’t have to go to another location to rent this vital piece of equipment. It keeps the store competitive with other companies who do offer fuel storage solutions while saving the customer a trip elsewhere.

This is just one example, but convenience takes many forms:

  • Offering a greater variety of products, all in one location (one-stop shop)
  • Making a transaction as simple as possible (one-click buy)
  • Suggesting complementary products
  • Providing an app to streamline your customers shopping experience
  • Delivering your product/services to the customer

No matter what programs you implement, the goal should be saving your customers’ time. Providing a simple, positive transaction experience will help create customer loyalty, increasing the chance they will return, and priming them to become your brand ambassadors. And that adds to your bottom line.


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