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Western Global Joins Caterpillar Allied Vendor Program

Addition of fuel tanks to Cat Rental Stores' product line offers customers greater convenience & dealers new opportunities

June 16, 2017, Clawson, Mich., – Western Global is proud to announce it has joined Cat Rental Store’s Allied Vendor Program for 2017, offering above-ground, transportable fuel tanks to Cat dealers and clients across the US and Canada. Western Global was selected for its innovative product lines, distribution support, and training program capabilities.

Cat Rental Stores currently offer a wide variety of contractor equipment including earthmovers, pumps, generators, concrete equipment and more. The addition of Western Global’s TransCube and ABBI Mobile Refuelers is a natural complement for diesel-reliant machinery and offers greater convenience to clients.

“Lots of people may overlook it, but onsite fuel tanks provide real benefits to jobsite managers,” says Barry Truan, General Manager of the Western Global USA office. “Fuel consumption is easier to monitor when your tank is on your worksite and that means avoiding costly run-outs and emergency refuel calls. There’s also an opportunity to buy fuel in bulk for added savings on long term projects.”

The benefits are real for Cat Rental dealers, too. Fuel tanks are often long-term rentals, staying on jobsites through the duration of a project. They are also low-maintenance with minimal moving parts to breakdown.

Prior to joining the program, Western Global had partnered with a number of Cat dealers to provide fuel solutions to their customers, including Ziegler Cat of Minneapolis, MN. “Typically, we are using these fuel tanks for adding additional run time. Probably 80 to 90% of our rentals are tied in directly to a machine as an auxiliary fuel tank. Only about 10% of the time do they sit on a jobsite with a fuel pump,” says Dave Carlson, rental sales representative of Ziegler Cat.

He continues, “Customers love the features of Western Global fuel tanks. They don’t need secondary containment. They like the security aspect of it. Plus, it just looks good out on their jobsite. Round tanks with messy hoses and external pumps are unsightly compared to the TransCube – it’s a night and day difference.”

This expansion of its product offerings helps Cat Rental solidify itself as the total solution rental store for contractors. For additional information, please visit


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