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Versatile generator tanks

Versatile generator tanks, delivering efficiency everywhere they go!


Not your average generator fuel tank

Western Global’s generator tanks have multiples uses, from powering generators floating on the water; to off-the-grid locations for backup power supply. No-matter the challenge, Western Global has your power equipment fueled!

10 ways our customers use their generator fuel tanks…

1. To supply power in the most challenging locations

User-friendly, increase productivity, and an easy power solution on limited access sites. Read more about how the TransCube was able to support remote locations in mountainous areas.

2. To provide back-up and temporary power

TransCubes have been working alongside generators in standby, grid back-up, and temporary power applications for years. They can fuel up to three generators and diesel-powered equipment simultaneously, extending run times and increasing productivity.

3. To transport fuel on the go

TransCube Global tanks are built and approved to global transport specs. Meaning they can be fully transported full of fuel during emergency power requirements too.


4. To power projects of all sizes

We have a range of generator tanks that meet the demands of all project sizes. Our TransCube range stores up to 4,700 Liters / 1,242 US Gallons of fuel, but we also offer an unlimited fuel storage supply in a modular design.
See ourTransTank solution, a range of container tanks built for the continuous operation of large generators and remote power projects.

5. To power equipment in extreme weather conditions

Even in the most extreme weather conditions, our TransCubes will not be defeated.
Strong, durable, and extra tough! Keeping your assets secure and contained.

6. To increase heaters run times in snowy conditions

The essential winter warmer! Our fuel tanks are prepared to keep you warm during the chilly months.


7. To be ready for emergencies #rapidresponse

“The most efficient generator tank for critical, emergency operations”
TransCubes are ideal mobile emergency response fuel tanks, providing peace-of-mind for the unpredictable. Learn more in our case study

8. To support Covid19 testing centers and hospitals

We supplied several TransCubes to Covid19 testing centers and hospitals since the virus outbreak.


9. To power entertainment venues and creative spaces

Keeping the power running at some of your favorite entertainment venues.


10. To power villages, towns, cities…

From small villages to busy town centres, our fuel tanks will keep the power running wherever you are.

Generator tanks that are flexible, versatile, and efficient!


If you are interested in learning more, check out our post on the benefits of generator tanks, alternatively please get in touch.


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