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Securing Your Business Against Spills

No Spills, No Bills

Fuel spills are costly. They pose a tangible threat to your company’s bottom line, reputation, and the natural environment.

At the small scale, distributors finding a customer’s containment pit filled with rainwater and a sheen of diesel on top can face a clean-up bill of over $1,000. Even a small spill in the pan of a traditional round tank can cost $150 to pump out.

But the risks at larger storage sites, especially in environmentally sensitive areas are acute. The cost of clearing up a substantial spill can be around $20,000 – and involve total site shutdowns until environmental health and safety specialists are satisfied. And the buck stops with the distributor.

Our number one priority is helping you store fuel safely

Our number one priority is helping you store fuel safely. Customers rely on our products to minimize environmental impact and avoid fuel leaks in North America’s harshest and most testing environments. That’s why all our tanks are double walled, making them more secure. They’re simple to maintain, and many feature removable inner linings for easy cleaning, and lockable equipment cabinets keeping pumps, meters, and hoses safe from the elements. 

A common cause of a fuel leak is customers pushing tanks, causing them to collapse. Cube tanks are easier to move on-site. Products like FuelCube can be forklifted or craned into position without damage or risk of a fuel spill. Clever engineering and our adoption of steel also reduce the risk of corrosion, so they have a longer safe lifespan, too.

Process safety and environmental protection are important to contractors and their workers. We help fuel distributors guard against risk and give them the solutions they need to gain new customers and give peace of mind to existing ones. These safe and secure tanks are available for fast dispatch across North America and meet or exceed all regulations. 


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