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Wet Hosing vs Fuel Tanks

As more US distributors are offering fuel storage alongside their wet-hosing service, we asked them about the benefits, from safety and security, to protection and profit. 

The ongoing shortage of licensed commercial drivers continues to cause disruption for customers in construction and agriculture. With high driver turnover, increased absence rates, and new rules on the CDL license, that resource risk is increasing. Offering bulk and transportable storage tanks mean fewer qualified people are needed to ensure consistent fuel is on-site when it’s needed. It increases customer satisfaction, saves on labor costs, and is an opportunity to sell fuel in bulk with a higher return on investment.

They arrive ready to go and are easy to install and maintain with minimal expertise.

Direct fueling means distributors need experienced staff to manage usage and forecast future needs. Our tanks are versatile and easy to use without extensive training. They arrive ready to go and are easy to install and maintain with minimal expertise. Supply levels and usage can be monitored remotely, allowing distributors to check inventory and tank locations, avoiding downtime or last-minute deliveries. All our tanks can be filled anytime, even when in use. It makes scheduling and accessing sites any time of the day (or night) easy, without the complex logistics of meeting precise delivery slots.


The Product

Options include the FuelCube, our most compact and economic stationary fuel tank. It’s been field-proven for on site supply and refueling in construction and distribution, particularly on sites where regulations don’t allow bulk storage.

Every fuel storage tank we make protects environments and customer reputations against leaks and spills. Most are available for immediate delivery across the US and Canada, with options to finance. It’s an opportunity to be more of a partner than simply another supplier in a commoditized business – and proven to drive-up distributor revenues. To find out more about how fuel storage tanks can boost your product offer and ROI:

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