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Are you ready to add value to your rental business?

You need to be ready with exactly what customers want – precisely when they need it, that’s what you tell us.

Lots of operators try to sell-in more complete solutions instead of single pieces of equipment. If you hire generators, excavators, pumps and heaters, they all need one piece of added value: Fuel.

By offering a response ready fuel solution, you can create additional revenue while saving your customers time and money. We’ve created the only fuel storage tank designed specifically with the North American rental market in mind. The TransCube is the unsung hero of many successful hire businesses. It can be readily moved around jobsites for more efficient refueling, and when paired with your equipment, typically extends runtimes from the usual 24-hours to several days.

For the cost of 1 wheel loader, you could buy 26 TransCube fuel tanks

Even when filled with fuel, they’re easily transportable, stackable and lockable. Each can serve as up to three pieces of equipment at the same time and with all ancillary parts included, like easy-to-use feed return hoses, they’re ready from the get-go. 

For the cost of 1 wheel loader, you could buy 26 TransCube fuel tanks – with higher dollar and time utilization and greater returns. They require minimal maintenance and high durability means revenue will grow for years to come.

There’s next-day despatch across the US and Canada, plus dedicated aftercare support. With more approvals than any competitor, you can be sure these tough tanks exceed the world’s highest testing standards, giving you peace of mind and a new revenue opportunity with every rental you make.

See more in our 2-minute video or if you would like to know more about being a fuel storage rental partner click here.

Design approvals: UL142, CAN/ULC-S601, US DOT, UN-IBC, TRANSPORT CANADA, NFPA30


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