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Shaping the Future at CONEXPO 

March 2023 marked a pivotal point for Western Global. For us, and the other 139,000-plus industry professionals and 2,400 exhibitors, it meant a trip to the desert for CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 — North America’s largest trade show. CONEXPO provided the opportunity to educate the industry about Western Global fuel tanks and make a big announcement as we vaulted into the next level of fuel and fluid storage solutions.


Quantum Leap for DEF

We’ve heard you! Complying with DEF requirements for Tier IV Final engines has been a big pain point. It’s difficult to remain efficient without a commercially available, universal DEF storage solution. So, what better time than CONEXPO to introduce an answer to that challenge? We launched our new line of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) solutions in the form of the and DEF Top Tote, setting a new standard for DEF storage.

  • The DEFCube sports a blue, cube-shaped design with a capacity of 132 gallons. It can be situated next to on-site fuel storage tanks so operators can fill equipment with both fluids at the same time. It has the same features as our popular TransCube Global, including four-way forklift pockets, lifting eyes for crane transport, a lockable equipment cabinet for enhanced security and a stackable design.
  • The DEF Top Tote has a capacity of 100 gallons and can attach to four models of TransCube Global fuel tanks — the 20TCG, 30TCG, 40TCG or 50TCG. It features a low-profile design to keep the overall height below 6 feet, so users don’t have to hassle with using a ladder and harness to access the ports. This is a significant advancement because it creates a 2-in-1 storage solution that holds both DEF and diesel at the same time. Industry professionals recognize the innovation of the DEF Top Tote, and Rental magazine selected it as one of its 2023 Editor’s Choice Award Winners.
  • One of the true innovations available with our DEF storage solutions is the AutoDEF Replenish system. AutoDEF Replenish monitors the level of DEF in equipment and automatically refills the fluid as needed. This makes it a perfect fit for those looking to extend runtime on a stationary pump or generator. On the other hand, those running equipment that moves throughout the jobsite can benefit more directly from a transfer pump with a nozzle. Operations can choose from a 115v or 12v transfer pump with a nozzle.
ConExpo booth

Presenting the Benefits of On-Site Fuel

CONEXPO also provided the opportunity for our vice president of product marketing, Jeff Lowe, to present an educational seminar about the benefits of using fuel tanks for on-site fuel storage. He informed the audience about the array of benefits of on-site storage, including instant fuel availability, increased jobsite flexibility, containment options to meet regulations, transportability, theft-control features and more.

Jeff also referenced multiple case studies that provided real-life examples of these benefits.

  • South Capitol Bridge Builders completed a $450 million bridge project in Washington DC — the largest construction project in the capital’s history. The contractor switched to on-site fuel storage which resulted in heightened efficiency and savings of $5,000 per month.
  • Ricochet Fuel Distributors began offering Western Global FuelCubes, saving customers anywhere from $275 to thousands of dollars in pump-out fees.
  • Reeder Distributors saved a construction outfit considerable time and money by replacing a stationary tank with a TransCube Global. Rather than having to drive equipment to the middle of the jobsite for refueling, the customer moved the tank as needed for a streamlined process.
  • Fuel distributor RelaDyne is located in a high-theft area of Houston, putting equipment at risk of theft. Western Global’s security-enhanced tanks were untouched.

High Demand for Fuel Efficiency

CONEXPO — and every other trade show we attend — shines a spotlight on the importance of fuel efficiency. We experienced steady booth traffic from show attendees seeking our expertise on efficiency-enhancing fuel solutions. We’re always happy to visit with current and prospective customers about the great strides they can make by implementing the right on-site fuel and fluid storage solutions. We attend several shows throughout the year. Will we see you? Stop by and say hello!


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