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New Western Global office opens in Pineville, N.C. 

What does this mean for the Southeast region?

A new chapter: Welcoming our new Western Global office in N.C.

Our new North Carolina facility is set to improve service, reduce shipping costs and offer local support in the Southeast U.S.

We’re excited to announce that our new North Carolina facility is OPEN. Tucked away in sunny Pineville (a suburb of Charlotte), this is our second location in the U.S.

So, what does this mean for the southeast region?

  1. Faster deliveries and local support

Before our opening, all orders were shipped from Troy, Michigan. Our new site means deliveries will not only take less time to arrive but will offer surrounding states faster delivery for a reduced cost.

  1. Better service

“Our vision is to ensure our customers receive high-quality service across the U.S. More facilities and resources mean you can easily access fuel tanks whenever and wherever you need them.”

(John Cleary, Vice President of Sales in North America).

We’re driven by a unique set of values. We always strive to be a better employer for our team and a better partner for our customers. Read more about our Western Global values.


  1. Regional reach to ease the growing demand

Our team continues to expand, and the demand for fuel tanks continues to grow. Our second location is large enough to create and store fuel tanks while accommodating a healthy workplace for our team.

Our open plan gets the creative juices flowing. And our meeting rooms are hubs of collaboration and creativity. 


       4. Ready for emergencies

We also chose this location to increase our responsiveness to emergency refueling. The East Coast is subject to harsh storms and hurricanes. Our new site ensures you have the support you need if a disaster strikes.

Hurricane ready? Visit our Hurricane ready hub to learn how we can help you in the event of a natural disaster.


  1. Fast and easy ordering 

We have also expanded our online capabilities. Our new online store allows you to order from our most popular tanks.

Tell me more?

Ordering Western Global tanks online

  1. Head to our online store.
  2. Choose the tank. – TransCubes, Mobile Refuelers, and FuelCubes are available for online orders.
  3. Select the size. – How much fuel do you need? Choose between 3 different sizes.
  4. Select the fuel type. – Do you require diesel or gasoline?
  5. Select the pump. – We have three pump options.
  6. Check out.

And before you know it, your fuel tank will be delivered straight to your door.

It has been an exciting year for Western Global: a new location, a new brand, and a new online store. What’s next?

You can find our new North Carolina location on our contact page.

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