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Reliable, robust and ready – our fuel trailers check all the boxes. We have trailers suitable for a variety of applications, increasing efficiency and keeping your fuel safe and sound when on the move.

TransCube Refueler mounted on a trailer

Towable fuel trailers

At Western Global, our goal is to keep you up and running, no matter the circumstances. Our fuel trailers provide the efficiency and flexibility you need. You can haul fuel wherever you go, knowing that it’s secure at all times.

We listen to our customers and design products that make their lives easier. Our double-walled fuel trailers will reduce downtime and maximize productivity from site to site.

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Our trailer-mounted fuel tanks

Fuel is power – without it, nothing would get done. So we’ve taken the stress out of fuel transportation and designed fuel trailers that are reliable and tough. Each of our products is designed with your needs in mind, whether you’re in fuel distribution, rentalconstruction or even agriculture.

MultiCube Multi-Tank Trailer
Pumps and fittings in the MultiCube trailer

630 gallons


110% contained

8-year tank warranty

US only

630 gallons of diesel, ready to be transported without the need for hazmat placarding. This multi-tank trailer has six independently isolated 105-gallon fuel tanks housed in an outer tank, providing double-walled containment. With a lockable design, your fuel and equipment is kept safe & secure.

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TransCube Mobile Refueler

1,204 gallons max

DOT-Compliant trailer


Onsite refueling

Our versatile fuel trailer is designed for speed, transporting fuel and refueling equipment and generators in no time. It’s robust enough for the road, secure enough for onsite storage and compliant with global transport regulations. A great option for rental companies, and a sturdy solution if you’re in construction.

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MultiCube Multi-Tank Trailer

Choosing the right tank

When it comes to transporting and refueling, it can be difficult to decide which trailer is right for your project. We’ve created a quick guide to help you.

  • If you need a fuel trailer that can also feed directly into equipment for extended runtimes, then our TransCube Mobile Refueler will do the job.
  • The MultiCube is ideal for transporting up to 630 gallons of diesel fuel without a hazmat.
Fuel Trailer Guide

The benefits of our fuel storage trailers

We’ve spent over 60 years designing fuel storage solutions that our customers can rely on. Our trailers are no different. While each product comes with its own benefits and applications, both are guaranteed to lessen the headache that comes with fuel transportation.


All of our fuel tanks are double-walled and 110% contained. This provides security for on the road.


Keep fuel and equipment safe thanks to a lockable equipment cabinet so nothing is damaged or stolen.


Our tanks have short lead times. Your fuel trailer comes fully equipped as quickly as possible.

More about Western Global

Whether you want to know more about our fuel tanks or simply want to see the latest industry updates, we’ve shared guides that ensure your trailer meets your requirements.

Western Global: fuel trailer manufacturers

From driving fuel around a farm to remote, logistically challenging construction sites, our towable fuel trailers are the solution you can count on. We deliver market-leading products to various industries for a variety of applications, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget. Visit our MultiCube or TransCube Mobile Refueler pages to learn more about each tank or speak to our team about your requirements.

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