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Sustainable fueling for littoral operations


Littoral warfare has existed for as long as human societies have been in conflict.

As our military enters a new era, the United States Marine Corps (USMC) has re-emphasized its importance as more combat missions may traverse land and sea.

New fueling technologies are needed. USMC operations rely on a range of traditional fueling technologies, from immobile fuel bladders that take days to commission, to jerry cans. These methods, plus airlifted blivets and drums, have been able to support small unit fuel autonomy on land. But none provide an adequate solution to fuel logistics in the littoral combat environment.

Our fuel storage modules can be moved by air, sea and road, and arrive ready for action.

From the Arctic to the South China Sea, the Marines will require a more resilient fuel dispensing and storage solution. It will need to be compact and self-contained – seaworthy on long voyages, and deployable rapidly by aircraft, intercoastal vessels and trucks. It will have to provide Pole-to-Tropics small unit autonomy upon deployment and make up for the shortcomings of SIXCON and Flatrack. In our expert white paper, we look at how the USMC is streamlining its combat unit structure with the evolution of the Littoral Combat Regiment.

Mission success will be founded on the deployment speed and resilience of assets on land and at sea. A regiment, its battalions, and individual equipment for offensive operations and force protection all rely on the immediate availability of fuel. This white paper presents established fuel logistics solutions in support of sea control and sea denial missions.

Our Transcube Tactical tanks offer unique benefits in littoral combat support. They are available in 250-, 500-, and 1,200-gallon units, which integrate and scale to the mission. The solution provides one technology and one streamlined training, maintenance and repair operation and is proven in military and humanitarian operations around the world.


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